An Early Spring?

Luke was out to see Buckeye Chuck this morning- it was one of his scheduled outings with OHVA. He described it to me with great enthusiasm, right down to the nastiness of the SPAM sandwich. They had Chuck in this cage, then when it was time for the ‘prediction’, they put him in this little doghouse (or rather, groundhog house), and pushed him so that he would emerge through the doorway. I had it all wrong about the prediction: if he sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter, if not, only two more weeks. I stand corrected. Chuck did not see his shadow, so start shining those white sandals and fluffing those sundresses! Spring is just around the corner.
Photo: An OHVA student standing with Buckeye Chuck

Important, Imminent Matters at Hand

I’m telling you, I just can’t stay away, even during a self-imposed break. This will be the last post this week, really. Well, there is a link to a great article I want to talk about too, so maybe the next-to-last post. Before I return from my break.
It is February 1! Two reasons this is an important day:
1. One more day until Buckeye Chuck makes an appearance and lets us know if we are to expect 6 more weeks of winter, or if Spring will arrive in as little as 6 weeks. Boy, am I hoping for the spring coming option.
2. There are only 18 days until Sarah Beth’s birthday party at a local carousel. I’m brainstorming cakes and party favors as I type this. The cake part I’m gonna need to ask the audience, ie. poll you guys, and see what you think I should make. Here are the two choices, with my commentary on each:
A carousel cake- this is a sketch I ‘drew’ in Word today. You can tell that I almost went to art school out of high school, I know! Anyhoo, it gives you the idea.

A horse cake-I would probably ice it to look like a carousel horse, white with a fancy mane and lots of bling. The instructions on making this cake can be found here.

So, humor me and vote for the cake you like in the poll on the sidebar. Vote early and often is our motto around here.
Next poll: Would you like to see a LOST countdown ticker on Valerie’s blog? Seven more days, people.