Eight Glorious Years

Happy Anniversary to Us! Eight years ago this hour, Luke and I were exchanging our vows. I had planned to scan and post one of my favorite pictures from the wedding, but things didn’t work out. Maybe I can get it posted later.
Meanwhile, this is a picture taken on my brother’s phone Christmas morning. I was super close to posting the first pic, when Luke decided to cross his eyes. But I’ll keep this reverent instead.

I submitted a picture of me in one of my aprons for the Apron Power! Photo Contest. See all the entries here, on the Mommy Life site. This is what I wrote, to go along with the picture:
Here I am wearing my blueberry apron, serving up blueberry muffins to the kids for breakfast. I got this apron last summer, while blueberry-picking at a local patch. We love blueberries around here. There is a slight ultramarine hue to my hands in the picture; I had the bright idea of sprinkling the berries over the tops of the batter-filled muffin cups, instead of folding them into the batter while still in the bowl like I usually do. I didn’t think about how that would stain my hands! The children appreciated not getting a mouthful of berries when they bit into their muffins this morning, so I guess the extra effort and mess were worth it.

Now, I am waiting to see what Honey’s photo entry will be. I hear she is having some kitchen difficulties at the moment, and probably isn’t thinking about posing in her apron in front of the offending appliance. (psst, Abba, you just might win the contest if you did that! You’d get my vote!) Fun stuff.