Bites Will Hurt Now

Little A’s first tooth showed up today. Wow, after documenting her rolling over and now this, this blog is becoming the closest thing to a baby book that this baby will have. Poor girl.

In Her Words

Big A:
“These are the Christmas colors- red, yellow, and blue.

(thoughtful pause)

Maybe not yellow.

(another thoughtful pause)

And white.”

Though We May Roam

I’m so pleased to hear that my sister and her family might move to Ohio! They are putting their house up for sale and hoping that the Lord will guide them in all the details. Now, if I can just get Honey living this side of the Ohio River, my life will be complete.

Homeschool Fun

Luke has graciously taken over A’s Science lessons, and she is learning about weather right now. This is her rain gauge she made. I like the little rain cloud.

“They will stay in my tummy”

We had a bit of the sickies go through last weekend, right after Thanksgiving Dinner (lovely). I thought the virus was gone, but Little S came down with it this morning. After he slept all morning, I let him have some Cheerios (dry) in a bowl. This is him sitting at the table, thoroughly enjoying his first meal all day.

Tropical Storm Abiyoyo Hits Bethlehem

CITY OF DAVID-sources near Bethlehem confirm that a tropical storm of infantile proportions touched down near an animal stable yesterday. Apparently a young couple were lodging in the stable, since there was no room left in the inn. A woman had recently given birth to a son, and was caring for him there. No reports of injuries, but it is certain that this stormy night was one this couple will always remember.

Happy Birthday, Little Brother!

My brother, Daniel, is 27 today. Whew, I feel old.

I hear, after the fact, that my parents threw him a rousing good party, complete with a cake blazing with 27 candles, and birthday song in 2 part harmony, all before my dad left for work. And they didn’t even invite us. Probably afraid we’d eat too much of the cake.

Luke has a profitable business going in the fall, making buckeye necklaces. He’s so creative, and enterprising. He will go down to the Minnesota game this coming weekend to try and sell some he’s made. He already bought a #10 jersey and new running shoes, so hopefully all of the necklaces will sell.
Luke’s brother is coming into town to go to the game with Luke, and we will get to meet our new nephew. Good fall fun.
Go Bucks!

Doing What Matters Most

Tonia has written a post about what she has learned in her 30 Days of Nothing challenge. This may actually be her last post, because one of the things that has started to intrigue her over the last month is the goodness of silence and rest. Read her post here and see if it doesn’t challenge you to be in front of this screen less.
I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on my 30 Days of Learning in the next few days.

The Hello, Goodbye Window

I just read the sweetest children’s book (which, as many of us know, the best children’s books are for people of all ages:). It is called The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster. Big A is going to do Book It this year, and this book topped its reading list for ages 4-8. Bring on the scheduled trips to Pizza Hut!!! Hey, anything to further her education and love of reading. Heh, heh.
Anyway, this book is so good. It is about a little girl who goes to her grandparents’ house while her parents are at work, and all the simply sweet things that go on during her day. It is told from her perspective, and is just hilarious at times. A couple times I teared up, thinking about Grandpa Don being so similar to that grandpa in the book. The reality hit again that my children will not know him apart from us talking about him, our home movies, and stories on CD he made. I cherish those CD’s now. We still have Grandma Carol and Grandma and Grandpa Chase, and are very thankful for that. There are still great memories to be made.
My list of favorite children’s books is getting bigger. Maybe I will post about that in the future. This book won the 2006 Caldecott Medal, and I can see why. Look for it next time you are at the library.