Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet?

As any good English Lit student knows, the above question is not asking where Juliet is, but what she is all about. What makes you tick, Juliet? It looks like you won’t be going home anytime soon, and it also looks like you are stuck with the LOSTies. But they are really ‘the others’ to you, so you might still have something up the sleeve of that now-very-muddy, trendy top of yours.
For 100 other questions with no answers yet, check out Shannon’s LOST post from last week. With this much unknown, it is a wonder I am still watching this crazy show!!!

Woo Hoo!

Top Secret Recipes just posted the recipe for Max & Erma’s Tortilla Soup, only one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world. I’m off to find an Anaheim Pepper (funny, that’s where I was this time last year!), whatever that is.

The Dentist, Part Two

Aliyah went to another dentist yesterday, and got her cavity filled. The visit went really well. This dentist is one that Luke has seen his whole life, and is very good with children. We didn’t initially see him because he isn’t covered by our insurance. Aliyah’s relieved smile when it was over made the extra $$$ worth it. Now I have to come up with a good way of everybody remembering to brush their teeth, so we maybe can avoid this happening again!

California Dreamin’

Anaheim, April 2006

I’m not really here today. I mean, I am here, but not really here.
I’m 3,000 miles away on a sandy beach
I’m strolling along a quaint, narrow road in San Clemente, holding the hand of my love and looking in shops
I’m all dressed up, clapping for my love getting a very prestigious grant
I’m trying to eat the most humongous meatball at Buca Di Beppo’s
I’m sitting in a recreated 50’s diner in Orange, sucking down a milkshake
I’m soaking my swollen ankles in the hotel pool, though it isn’t warm enough out to put the rest of me in
I’m bouncing along and my insides (including Abbie) are getting jiggled every time we go somewhere in our rented Jeep
I’m laughing at the antics of a cute little bird while I’m eating delicious Mexican
I’m suddenly terrified at how steep the hill is down into Anaheim as I roll over the crest of it in that Jeep
I’m delighted to see my first real roadrunner, you guessed it, running across the road
I’m turned off by the humongous shopping centers in Irvine
I’m taken aback by how majestic the San Gabriel Mountains are in the distance
I’m pleasantly surprised at how friendly people are
I’m amused that all people care about is how sunny it will be and how good the waves are- the radio dj’s share this info every 15 minutes
I’m not ready to leave, but am glad I have so many memories to take with me

Getting the Hang of it: Cooking Ahead

I don’t know why, but every time I try to adopt a routine where I prepare meals, or ingredients for meals, ahead of time to be stored in the freezer, I’ll do it once in a while, but never stick with it. Maybe Maggie’s make-ahead wisdom I’d gained from her blog last week was that extra push I needed to try it again, because on Saturday, I prepared four meals for the freezer! Thanks, Maggie! Two batches of Pizza Casserole, two of Kielbasa and Kidney Beans. Sure, I’ve got a lot more to do before I have any variety in there, but I have some more ideas for what to make, and I think this is a wonderful start.

[Music fade in]
…We’ve only just begun…