WFMW-Bakin’ Bacon

This tip is in no way revolutionary! But maybe somebody wants to know. When I buy bacon and get it home, I lay it out on a sheet cake pan covered in foil, and bake it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then, I degrease it (a little) on paper towels, and store it in baggies in the freezer or fridge, depending on how soon I’m using it. That way, I always have it ready to crumble on salads or warm up next to my fried eggs on toast. Works for me! Check out more kitchen helps at Shannon’s.

Photo: Make one of these cuties at Aardvark to Zebra

Our Time With Stanley

Though it didn’t last long, we really appreciated getting to know Flat Stanley. His personality has a depth that his appearance betrays. We wish him well up on Sugar Shack Hill, blowing in and out of the maples and wrinkling in the boiling-sap steam. Here are a few pictures we took of him while he was with us. I’ll put the complete album on the family website.
All packed up and ready for adventure

On Aliyah’s lap during the tractor ride

On the way up Sugar Shack Hill

In the Sugar Shack. Stanley was overheard saying, “It is really steamy in here!”

Best of luck to you, Stan. It was nice to have met you.

Stanley’s Misadventures At Malabar Farm

We went to the Maple Syrup Festival at Malabar Farm today. It was chilly, there was a fierce wind blowing. But it was fun.
A couple of days ago, I got a Flat Stanley in the mail from Honey. She asked that we take pictures of him doing stuff with us. I saw our trip to the Sugar Shack as a perfect opportunity for this. Things were going pretty well; Stanley sat on a tractor, a horse, a hay bale, and then watched maple syrup being made. Well, he got the bright idea of sitting atop one of the sap collection buckets, so I set him up on one. But the wind kept blowing him off. So I tried wedging him between some bark and the lid of the bucket, then he kinda just slid into the bucket. My hand was too big to fish him out. I panicked, knowing I had just lost Stanley forever and possibly ruined the sap collected from that tree that day. Stanley told me to go ahead and leave without him, that he would find some way out of the bucket and live there on the hill permanently with the horses and syrup and everything. I don’t know if this means I have failed Honey and the Project, but there were some good pictures taken before the ‘accident’. I’ll post them tomorrow; still a little too shaken up about it to look at his flat little face right now.
Photo: the scene of the ‘accident’

Go Ahead, I Know You Want To Chuckle

There are some areas in life where doing a thing the way others need me to do it doesn’t come naturally. When I try to do/be that way to reach their expectations, it is like me on that motorcycle last year, not feeling quite ‘in my element’. I usually avoid the issue, whatever it is, saying to myself, “That’s just not the way I’m wired.” After getting the latest No Greater Joy yesterday and reading this article, however, I have been thinking about how I must learn to leave my comfort zone sometimes, for that other person’s sake. Getting uncomfortable is what love means, sometimes. Perhaps all of the time.
Hebrews 12:2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Urgent Need For Prayer

There is a baby boy named Vincent who needs your prayers. This is from an email forwarded to me:
Cathy Leary asks for prayer for her co-worker’s 3-month-old son who was found in his crib wedged up against his bumper pad not breathing. He is at Children’s Hospital in critical condition. Vitals are improving, but the next 72 hours are critical.
His name is Vincent Karnai.
Please uphold him in prayer. I have to believe that God kept him alive to be found, and is keeping him alive now, for a reason.

Riding Shotgun With Hurley

That was much, much, much better of an episode last night, LOST-writer guys. I’m so glad to be back on the island and having fun with the guys. Hurley is one of my favorite characters, and it was good to see more of his life story. Wasn’t he adorable as a little guy? And Cheech Marin as his dad! He is looking old. So fun to watch the men get the VW Dharma Van going- I enjoyed the banter between Sawyer and Hurley, Charlie and Hurley. The meteor hitting the restaurant was pretty funny. (This is that kind of show, where a meteor hitting a restaurant is a bit funny). I had a bunch of witty things to say last night, right after the show, but the computer was off by then and I didn’t want to boot it up. So my comments are looking rather bland now. To sum up, it was a good watch, the kind of episode that makes me like LOST. For one of the great moments from last night’s episode, click here.