MD- Hiatus

I am really sick. It must not be food-related, because it is lasting so long. I’ll take the weekend off, then if I am feeling up to it, tackle Monday’s MD menus. I don’t feel guilty about taking a break; it isn’t as if I’ll be eating much anyway.
See you Monday, hopefully…

MD- Day 4

Breakfast- fried eggs
These were hurriedly fixed and eaten right after Micah had spit up her entire breakfast, so I could give her a bath. She spits up so much lately that she has a rash on her face. 🙁
Lunch- almond butter & honey sandwich, strawberries
I was sick to my stomach after breakfast, just like Micah apparently was, but we both are feeling better now. Luke thinks it might have been the fish I ate last night, but it seemed too much after-the-fact for that to me. I wasn’t going to eat lunch after feeling bad, but hunger prevailed. So far so good at keeping lunch down.
Dinner- taco salad

Too early to notice anything? Maybe. But here are my observations:
-I have felt really good (except my upset stomach today), lots of good energy
-there is a strange feeling of cleanness to my mouth. It used to be kinda cottony, to borrow a description from Jordan Rubin, something that had to go away for me to realize it was there. Hmmm.

Our Micah

There comes a time for each of them when they, well, wake up. Initially, in the first two weeks little catches their notice, except hunger, tiredness, or a dirty diaper.

Then, a faint glimmer of recognition is there: this is mother, this is food, this is good.
To the very patient, a one month old will finally open her eyes one day and actually be looking back into yours.

And then she’ll smile.



MD- Day 3

After a few days of busy-ness, I am almost always forced to just stop. I’ve been doing that all morning, and have had a luxurious time of it. Sat around, finished a novel…The only productive thing I have done is load the dishwasher, simply so Big S would have a workspace to make her cookies. She is such the little cook. Twice now she has made this recipe for cookies she came across in a tea party cookbook. They are chocolate bear heads with chocolate chips for eyes and nose. I like them because the dough seems very forgiving (for little hands) and they aren’t too sweet. I didn’t try any this time, of course. I’m on a diet.

Breakfast: raw almond butter on toasted sprouted-grain bread
This was supposed to be an omelet, but again, I didn’t have time. Plus, toast with peanut butter is what I usually have first thing in the morning, so I was actually happier with the change. I’ll probably alternate eggs and toast each morning.
Lunch: Oriental Red Meat Salad
I did NOTHING this morning, you recall, so am not prepared for this. I’ll have to do tuna salad again.
Dinner: Coconut Milk Soup, Broiled Halibut, Salad
The coconut milk soup lacked flavor. If I make it again, I’ll definitely have to kick it up a notch. Looking forward to the halibut- never had that before. I’m afraid to thaw it out first- it was pretty fishy smelling around here when I brought it home from the store- so I’ll pop it in the oven still frozen.

I wouldn’t be interested in having fish two nights in a row, I can see now. Good thing last night I didn’t end up doing the salmon. I realized as I was making hamburgers for the family that I could have one too, by golly, and I did, with a salad. Tonight, the rest of the family is having Tetrazzini, and there is too much in that that is illegal for me in Phase One. But I see where I probably will be eating it again by Phase Three (the last two weeks). That’s one thing I notice about this- my meals for the family already aren’t too far off the MD path. Cool.

MD- Day 2

Breakfast: fried eggs, broccoli
This was supposed to be a fritatta, but I ran out of time and was super hungry. I’ll make the fritatta sometime today, then other mornings I can just warm it up.
Lunch: Coconut Milk Soup
I’ve got the chicken for this cooking now in the crockpot, and will add the rest of the ingredients to it and simmer for another hour before lunch.
Dinner: Salmon with Pecan Pesto
You had me at Salmon. I already have the pesto made up, so all I have to do is broil the salmon tonight.

I woke up feeling draggy this morning- maybe the evening snack isn’t such a bad idea. Since I’m nursing, there will never be a time I let myself go hungry, but I really wasn’t hungry last night. We’ll probably end up doing a snack between every meal, but I won’t always mention it here.
With a newborn’s erratic hours and other people’s meals to fix, I learned the hard way yesterday that I need to be prepared in advance for these meals. When the time came to broil the steak last night, I read that I was supposed to have marinated it overnight. Whoops. So, the steak lacked flavor, to say the least.
Got goat’s milk? I do, and tried it for the first time last night. It was great! Slightly different than cow’s, but not enough that I would notice if I was given a glass at a restaurant. I’m making yogurt with a quart of it right now.
Micah started spitting up a bit the other night, maybe a result of the 6-bean casserole I made and enjoyed on Memorial Day. She ought to be fine now, I thought, as there won’t be baked beans on the menu for a while. But as I saw the meals I made yesterday, and how many onions I consumed… Well, the poor dear may just have to ride this thing out with me. 🙂

MD- Day One

Breakfast: fried eggs with greens
I’m getting a second harvest from the salad greens I planted last year. Gotta love free food.
Snack: boiled egg, strawberries
Lunch: Tuna Salad, raw carrots and celery
I made my own mayonnaise for this, when I couldn’t find an omega-3 mayo. Thanks, Ivory!
Dinner: London Broil, green salad
I use Kimi’s salad dressing. Yum!

I already know one thing I will change from the original meal pattern- the diet offers an evening snack, after dinner. I don’t eat anything after dinner, but almost always have a snack between breakfast and lunch. So, I’ll stick with snacking at the time I like best, for better or worse.
I found out purchasing raw goat’s milk will be difficult, as it is illegal. The way to get it is to buy into a herd of goats, so that you get a share of the milk. This is called herd sharing. I was already looking into a herd share program in order to get raw cow’s milk, but didn’t realize that goat’s milk worked the same way. Duh. Since I only need a little bit, I am not interested in herd sharing. *Updated to add: Scored some goat’s milk! Yay!
The rest of the family is eating Chicken Teriyaki tonight.