Wanted: Wool

I’m soon starting a project that will require lots of wool yarn. If any of you have little bits of leftover wool yarn lying around, would you donate it to my cause? I’d be obliged. Those of you out of town, I’ll reimburse you for shipping.  Keep your eyes peeled, yard salers. 🙂

A Good Day

The carpets were to be cleaned today, so I had to remove the kids from the house. I was able to get in to Wal-Mart at noon to get Baby C’s one-year portrait done; “I think it’s going to look really good.” My undying admiration if you know what movie that is from. The photographer sensed my need to get through the sitting fast (for baby’s sake and everyone else’s), and we were done in record time. Eight bucks and some change gets us one more beautiful face on our ‘wall of onesies’. Sigh. I love Wal-Mart.

From there, we went to the library, where I was able to pick up many of the books from the extra reading list in the first chapter of A Child’s Geography: Explore His World. As the kids played with puzzles and looked for books, I glanced through A House Is A House For Me (one of the books on the list), and the illustrations reminded me of a book I loved growing up, The Giant Jam Sandwich. Lo and behold, the library had it, recorded on tape to boot! Sigh. I love the library.

We’re home now, with armfuls of great reads about our beautiful world, God’s home for us, and many other favorites. Tonight should be fun- fresh corn for dinner, reading pleasures galore, and Bee Movie to watch if there is time. Sigh. I love my life.

Big Doin’s

Thank you all for your help in choosing a dress for the wedding last weekend. I ended up going in the blue dress, and was quite comfortable.

This week promises to be very busy; we have a family reunion this weekend, and I have goals for housecleaning planned for each day. It is good to have events like this- then things get dusted once in a while! There are three birthdays I want to celebrate on Saturday- Baby C turns one, N turns 4, and my mom turns blankety-three this week. Any ideas about how to present the cakes? I’m thinking three pedestals, different heights. So far the plan is white cakes with white icing, with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, respectively, on top.

Also, I am hoping to start ‘school’ this week with the kids. This will be a test run of the different approach we are taking to homeschooling this year; I want to spend the month seeing what works, and what won’t, before the baby gets here. My plans include looking at the first three chapters of A Child’s Geography, going through the book of Acts, getting the older ones into a daily routine of writing about a given topic, and lots and lots of reading. Pretty light work, all considered. I am hopeful we will learn a lot, and have fun doing it.

Hope your week (and mine) is victorious!