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“One of the most commonly neglected Bible subjects among Christians today is the priesthood of the believer…As His priests, we should be faithful in exercising our privileges and responsibilities…

Intercessory prayer should occupy much of the life of the believer (1 Tim. 2:1). If we really understood that non-believers cannot pray and that Christians out of fellowship with God cannot pray, then we would be very burdened to pray for our brothers in Christ and for the unsaved. The course of history could well have been changed had we Christians been faithful in this regard.”   ~Tim LaHaye, Revelation
Convicting stuff. Right now I can think of two things that have been on my heart, to pray for concerning people. Sure, I remember every so often to lift them up for these circumstances, but I am not praying nearly enough, or effectively, for their release. Maybe if prayer occupied “much of” my life, these would not even be prayer requests any more.

Surplus Blessings

Carol heard about this event in Morrow County, where on the second and fourth Fridays surplus food and produce are handed out to any who will take it. She took some friends over yesterday, and came home with 18+ lbs.(!) of orange icing, a bunch of yellow squash, four bags of yellow onions, and a 4 lb. (!) bag of Dole Salad Mix. The icing was a funny story- they asked Carol if she would like to have the frosting, and she said yes, thinking it was in the standard tubs. They load the stuff into the back of your car, so it wasn’t until she got it home that she realized what she’d gotten- a huge block of frosting from Cheryl & Co.! So, I guess I better start a batch of sugar cookies.

The squash has been fun to get- I looked online for recipes using it and found one for Squash Cake, which we had for breakfast, and one for a casserole I plan to make tonight as a side for our steak. The steak is a whole other story- Carol bought 180 lb. of beef from a relative who had a buyer back out of their deal. We’ve been living high on the hog cow, enjoying all that beef.

I’m looking forward to going out to this surplus food giveaway each Friday it is held. You never know what you’re gonna get. Maybe next time it’ll be a 20 lb. box of cake mix.

Some Favorite Smells

I unwrapped a bar of homemade soap the other day, and it got me thinking what some of my favorite smells are. Here are the ones I have thought of so far, in no particular order:

homemade soap








root beer

clean sheets (preferably line dried)

clean baby heads

What are your favorite smells? Please share.
If only I had a nest to watch this year. Then my daily ramblings wouldn’t get so dry.
Coming tomorrow: Some Unpleasant Smells!

The Clothing Hunt Begins

Weather once again turns to all things bright and beautiful, and my thoughts turn to what I am going to put on the backs of our children this summer. I’m taking Patty’s advice: “what you wear in a weeks time… is all you need”, and planning accordingly. My almost 2 yo is set, thanks to a generous friend’s handmedowns (yea!) and the baby doesn’t need much else. That leaves four others, two boys and two girls. Fortunately, the two of each gender are close enough in size to share some things.

My wish list is looking something like this:

for girls:
2 dresses each
1 nice pair jeans each
3 nice outfits- shirt and shorts/skirt
2 play outfits- shirt and shorts
sneakers for each
sandals for each

for boys:
2 dress shirts for each
2 pairs khakis each
1 nice pair jeans each
2 nice outfits- shirt and shorts
2 play outfits- shirt and shorts
sandals for each

I do already have some of the boys’ clothing- S put holes in the knees of every pair of jeans he had this winter, so today I took them, cut off the legs and sewed up the cuffs for shorts. They can definitely be play (if my stitches don’t hold up, they’ll be fringy) clothes if not part of a nice outfit.

For the rest I am super hopeful to hit the jackpot at some garage sales and thrift stores in the coming weeks. There is a big children’s stuff consignment sale going on at Delaware County Fairgrounds Thursday through Saturday; I am planning on going, but have a feeling even consignment prices are going to be out of my league.

The thrill of the hunt! I feel I now know a little of what it must be like when Luke is on the trail of a (whatever he is hunting).

Breakfast Ideas

Our morning meal has become rather lackluster. Part of it is me not wanting to wake up early enough to prepare it, the other part is not having a variety of ingredients on hand- usually just eggs and staples like flour and sugar and no breakfast meats. I do okay planning lunch and dinner; I need to shop for breakfast, too so that there are more choices around. While browsing through one of my cookbooks today, I came across some new recipes to try:

Omelet Sandwiches- Ham and cheese sandwiches in a casserole dish, with egg and milk mixture poured over top and baked. Interesting.

Potato Egg Casserole- bacon, potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs in a creamy cheese sauce and baked. I forget about hard- boiled eggs!

Ham and Egg Cups- whole egg on ham, baked in bisquick shells in custard cups. The kids might go for this.

Creamed Bacon and Eggs- I’m not a fan of creamed eggs, but this adds bacon and cheese and puts it over English muffins. I like to make EM’s from scratch, so this would be pretty cost- effective.

Bacon and Egg Pizza- eggs, bacon and cheese on refrigerated biscuits (I’ll probably use crescents so I don’t have to flatten the dough any).

Spanish Potato Omelet- potatoes, green pepper, cheese and eggs cooked- then- baked frittata style. I’ll have everything diced small so maybe the kids won’t notice the peppers. Oh the horror of eating a pepper!

Yeah, it is easy for me to get stuck in a pancake- waffle- scrambled egg- sweet muffin cycle, and I can tell the kids are as bored as I am with my latest offerings. Maybe they’ll be desperate enough to try something new.

What exciting thing is on the menu tomorrow morning? Cereal.

Testimonies: Waking Up The Church Service

Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe; and many wonders and signs were taking place… Acts 2: 43

We heard testimonies yesterday in the service, from a couple who had been at our church for a few years. Testimonies are critical to a church’s health, I believe. The congregation needs to hear what has and is going on in the lives of each other personally, in order to grow. What each had to say was such an encouragement to me, but especially the wife’s testimony. She was talking about how she never would have believed as a young girl that this is what her life would be now. It was special, as it always is, to have that personal connection with other believers during a worship service. It is like a shot in the arm for me, a person who often struggles with being in the right frame of mind and spirit for worship. After I heard these people speak, the song we sang took on a richer meaning:

Age to age he stands
And time is in His Hands
Beginning and the End,
Beginning and the End
The Godhead, Three in one
Father, Spirit, Son
The Lion and the Lamb…

Time is in His hands. He sees the broken, the abused, the lonely, but can also see the day when they give Him their hearts, and see the beautiful masterpiece He will create from all that dust and ash.

…and all will see
How great, how great is our God

This reminded me of what I have been studying in Revelation about how one day every eye will look upon our Savior whom they pierced, whether they chose Him in this life or not. That will be a sight to see, won’t it?!

So, I sat gratefully in yesterday’s service. What is sometimes elusive (peace, inspiration, meaning, true spirituality) in me was altogether present and accounted for. Thank you, brother and sister in Christ, for sharing your testimonies.

lyrics from How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin

A “Shirt” Dress, Or Not

Leigh Ann sent me a link the other day to a reeeeally cute dress this girl made from a man’s shirt. (Seriously, if you have any sewing ability and you have a toddler girl, you’d better not click on the word ‘link’, it’s that cute.)

I’m telling you, I couldn’t get the darling thing out of my mind, and brainstormed any clothing items I might have that could be repurposed for such a dress. Not much came to mind, so the dress got pushed to the back of it to join the 367 other craft ideas I either have no time or materials to make. (Yes, that’s one craft a day for a year plus two more. I could be busier.)

But wait- what do we have here?


This is a shirt of Luke’s. It has short sleeves and came from the back of the closet, which would explain why it needs ironed. You see the yellow lines there, in between the red plaid lines, every so often? And what do I have in my craft closet, but a remnant of a golden rose calico that would be perrrrrfect as trim or a ruffle on the dress! When you see little A in her birthday plaid dress and matching diaper cover, be sure to tell her what a creative and resourceful mommy she has.
Of course, Luke hasn’t exactly said he wants to get rid of this shirt. He may want to wear it another summer. In that case, when you see him sporting his plaid shirt around town, be sure to tell him how great he looks.

Good News Club

Luke and I are volunteering in a Child Evangelism Fellowship Good News Club that meets in a school near our church, and today was the first afternoon we participated. I was a little nervous about how it all would go; Carol was willing to watch the little ones while we took the older four with us. Everything went better than I expected, and I felt blessed to take part. It was interesting to watch my kids in comparison to the school kids- they were reserved, and it was obvious they had never been in a classroom setting by little things they’d do or say throughout the afternoon. They had a good time, though. Luke and I plan to finish the school year helping the class leaders and doing crafts; next year we hope to help teach the lessons. I’ve noticed lately that I am not a good storyteller, so I hope to improve over the summer to be ready for next fall. I ought to be getting out the CEF materials more often for my own kids, and practicing!
The CEF ministry is special; I’m grateful for the people who have kept this Club in Clear Fork going this year, and given this opportunity to many elementary-aged children. Today was low in terms of attendance; still, I was heartened to see this many children interested in the things of God. Sure, many are just there to have a place to go after school on Thursdays, but I hope the Word of God settles in every heart. We are promised His Word never returns to Him void.

A Curse of Our Day

To the angel of the church in Smyrna write:
…I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! …Do not be afraid of what you are about to suffer. I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life. Revelation 2:8-10
I’m studying Revelation right now, using an oldie but goodie by Tim LaHaye as a study guide. He has some wonderful things to say, and I was particularly moved by Tim’s commentary on the Lord’s words to His precious, persecuted church in Smyrna. I’ll quote some of the text here:
“…the cessation of persecution turned out to be a master stroke of Satan and a great tragedy to the Church.”
“Someone has said that the churches of the first three centuries were marked by material poverty and spiritual power, whereas the churches of our day are marked by material wealth and spiritual weakness…Today Christians are cursed with material things that are not conducive to their spiritual development.”

“Riches can never be provided by this world! Our oneness with Jesus Christ determines the realization of our wealth in this world. The closer we are to Jesus Christ today, the richer we are. The further we are from Him, notwithstanding the balance of our bank account, the poorer we are. Christian, on this basis, how much are you worth?”

The struggle within me goes on. How do I live in this day of plenty, and escape with my soul?

Yes, I’m Done Having My Fun


April Fool’s Day leaves many of us feeling like my little one in this picture- left out. So, I started feeling bad for those folks, and ‘fixed’ my technical difficulties. Hope no one got too bamboozled by any pranks today; I only fell for one.