Year In Pictures

Time once again for me to go through my digital photos, and post my favorites. Like this one, of Abbie when she got into the corn we were husking. She didn’t even wait for me to boil it:Or this one of Sam at the Ohio State game this fall:And then there are “photos with no explanation”, like this one:
Gotta love me some kids, to borrow a phrase from BooMama. Tune in for pics the rest of this week.

One More Stocking

Years ago, I found the cutest red and green Christmas stockings at Hallmark. I thought I was being ambitious by visiting several stores and collecting as many as I could find. Now, five of them are hardly adequate for our size family. This year, I was trying to think of ways I could add to the collection. I couldn’t come up with jersey fabric the same colors as the stockings, so decided to make them all different, but coordinating in theme. Luke was throwing out a favorite blue shirt, and I had a creative moment. That would make a good stocking! Here is the finished product, complete with my first attempt at embroidery on the snowflake (thanks, Primrose Design!).

Signs To Combat Murphy’s Law of Kitchen Surfaces

Did you know Martha Stewart has a blog? I am enjoying reading it, as I never remember to check her website or watch her show. She posted here about making signs as reminders about rules for the house. I was so inspired the night I read that post that I made the one, above.

Then, the other day, I made this one for the kitchen island:(it says, NO PARKING)

As you can see, I am not very good at keeping my own rules. Still, that island is cleaner than it has been in a long time.

My Husband, Idea Comer Upper, Extraordinaire

Luke and his mom were talking about things we can do to make sure our kids’ Christmases aren’t just remembered as one big present-fest. He thought up this really neat idea that we’ll start this year- giving each child an empty shoebox, with $20 inside. Their job all the next year will be to spend the twenty on small gifts to fill the box. It would be ready for a needy child by next year’s collection date in November. Wouldn’t that be fun? Can’t wait to get started…

Dear John,

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!

I want to thank you for writing the hymn, Amazing Grace. It is a powerful message to all who hear it about our depravity and God’s love. The word “wretch” is not commonly used nowadays, unless one wants to sound particularly self-depreciating, and is acting out in false humility. Yet I find that it describes my condition before the Lord perfectly, and I often call myself this in prayer and my thoughts. It may be that the older one grows with the Lord, the more one realizes how utterly undeserving they are of God’s grace. In any case, it is getting to where I am astonished that He speaks to me at all.
I watched the movie Amazing Grace last night and was impressed with the influence you had on William Wilberforce. Who knows- if you had not followed God as closely as you did, he might not have had the faith to be the Daniel of his day, standing alone for what is right. I’m grateful for heroes like you (although that is the last thing you would call yourself). People like you give this grace-filled life such meaning.

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
And grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!

Make It! Monday

There was an article in yesterday’s USA Weekend talking about Soup Swaps– get togethers where the participants each bring a quart of soup and, you guessed it, swap. I am SO going to do this! I often have to turn down social events, because it means time away from my family and away from my responsibilities at home. This kind of a thing makes fun with friends more worthwhile, since you’re bringing home food. Looks like there is a National Soup Swap Day on January 23. I’ll have to check with Luke, but am SO planning on having a Soup Swap then.
The only drawback is the limited number of people you can invite. Time is given during the evening for people to share a story about the soup they brought, and nobody has all night to listen to twenty different stories! The article recommended about seven to a party being a good number. So, I may have to set up some satellite soup swaps (Say that ten times fast!)
Mmmm. Soup.