Weekend Thoughts

An important sign of maturity is the acceptance of responsibility. One quits depending on everybody else and acknowledges that certain duties are his alone. If he doesn’t do them, nobody will. Every day there is, for example, a “cross” to take up. Who else is going to carry it? It is mine. It lies in my pathway, and unless I accept it–and accept it gladly for Christ–I simply am not following Him. He has made it perfectly clear that there are two prerequisites to following, that is, to being his disciple: denying oneself, and taking up one’s cross. To know yourself is to know your cross. Francois Mauriac says, “to flee one’s sorrow and evade and ignore one’s cross is the whole occupation of the world; but that occupation is at the same time a fleeing from one’s own self”–or, we may say, from our proper and assigned responsibility. We may not always see a particular task laid before us, but one thing is sure: to trust Him is a task, proper to every Christian, assigned to us every minute of every hour of every day, and to flee this task is worldly, irresponsible, and immature. ~Elisabeth Elliot

This ties in so well with some thoughts I have had recently. A friend emailed me a few days ago, asking about our reasons for homeschooling. Upon thinking that through, I answered back that, primarily, we are homeschooling because that is what Luke wants us to do. I added that, looking back, at the outset of our marriage and having children, I was too immature to make this kind of decision on my own (I might not have chosen to homeschool), and am glad it wasn’t up to me. I could have really botched things up. God blessed me with a partner in life who is so much more responsible than me. The visionary in him takes things into account that are way off down the road, and prepares our family the best he knows how. Homeschooling is one of those areas- as a teacher himself, he knew that a public school environment would not be as good for our children as that at home (at least early on), so he decided a long time before they were school age that we would homeschool. We feel blessed to have a curriculum available such as K12. Being given all the materials to teach has made this experience much easier for me, and the accountability of state testing has pushed me to keep with it. I might have quit, or at least procrastinated, thereby failing my kids, had I gone with another kind of curriculum. It shames me how impulsive, immature, and irresponsible I can be, and in homeschooling, I am so grateful that Luke picked up where I would have assuredly dropped the ball. The above devotional reminded me that although I have a ways to go in being “the responsible one”, it is my calling, and I have a new opportunity to take up my cross each day.

I Am Martha, Hear Me Roar

Since I found that nifty post about 100 things you can make yourself, I have been reading through it and been thinking about what I will attempt to make from it. Today was the day I tried making my own spaghetti sauce, item two on the list. It turned out okay, a little soupier than I thought it would be. It is a ‘chunky marinara’ at best, salsa taking a wrong turn at the ocean and landing in Italy at worst. I figure I can combine it with a jar of Aldi sauce for next week’s spaghetti and/or lasagna. The watery consistency will be good for lasagna- mine occasionally turns out dry because I don’t put enough liquid in it.
The next thing I think I will tackle is numero uno on the list- Applesauce. Apples are coming into season soon and we will be inundated with them, if I have anything to say about it. Which I do, since I do most of the grocery shopping.
The only disappointing thing on the list I’ve noticed so far is the listing of ‘chocolate kisses’. Now, I and, I think, any other Hershey-loving female on the planet would see that on the list, start to hyperventilate at the thought of making those sweet confections in the comfort of her own kitchen, quickly click on it, only to find them talking about some kind of sandwich cookie. What?! Someone needs to tell these people what ‘chocolate kisses’ really are, and not to toy with my emotions.
Anyway, just an update on my progress with the DIY list. I feel so much more empowered, now that I have, like Martha Stewart always does, made my own spaghetti sauce. It’s a good thing.

Calling All Cute Kids! Or Strange Grown-Ups

I found this super-cute craft idea in a parenting magazine a while back- creating unique magnets from photos of your children. The picture is glued behind one of those glass gems you see in vases or aquariums, then a heavy duty magnet is glued to the back. Carol mentioned to me that I should make some more of them (these are a bit outdated, as Noah is, what, 7 months old here?!), so I went out to Hobby Lobby and got the goods. Problem is, I don’t have many recent hard copies of pictures of my kids to use. Paper copies of pictures do okay, but the traditional developed print works best. I had better get some of these digital ones developed! I had the thought of doing some for the cousins and friends, as well. If you are reading this, cousins and friends: please send me a picture of you in which your face is about an inch wide. I’ll make you a magnet. This is also open to anyone reading the blog today who wants a magnet made out of their head. Send me a picture; I’ll send you a magnet. Call it my Thursday giveaway.


This week has been too buggy for the kids to go out and play. Noah and Sam both got their backs attacked over the weekend, and Abbie looked like Quasimoto yesterday (all three swell pretty badly from bug bites). I find myself wishing for colder weather, to kill off the mosquitoes. But if that happens, we miss out on that last swim, last romp through the sprinkler, last lay in the sun. Oh, well. Good times are ahead this fall- I think we’re booked about every weekend doing something fun.

First Day Thoughts

1 Timothy 1:19 Cling to your faith in Christ, and keep your conscience clear. For some people have deliberately violated their consciences; as a result, their faith has been shipwrecked.

“People feel a drive to “do something for society,” to undertake huge projects- having been liberated from the “limitations” of their homes and families. What society needs more than anything else is a glimpse through a window into the family life of people who are becoming creative in amazingly diverse ways and who haven’t time to be bored. The natural sequence is a spilling over into a wider area affecting other people, even without meaning to do so.” ~Edith Schaeffer

Burton Funnies

Once A-Major and Big-S were sitting nearby as I was changing C yesterday.
Big-S: Look, he has a belly button now!
A-Major: Yeah, he got his wire taken off, didn’t he?
Wire, cord. It’s all a part of the electrical family, right? A/C adapter would work, too.

Because This Blog Can Act As A Virtual Post-It Note

We are blessed to be living with Luke’s mom; now more of our money can be put away for the eventual building of a house. I’m always in the mood to save money, so next week I’ll be spending my free time navigating all the links on this blog post, titled “100 Things You Can Make Yourself”. Should be enlightening.
Thanks to Amy for linking to it!