Lazy Summer Afternoon

It’s funny how a simple porch swing can add so much to a house. It is as if we now have another room, a place to go that is calm and cool (most days) to watch the world go by. Additions like these make me not mind staying in this house a bit longer. Not that we are discontent with the way things are, but we realize sooner or later that we will need a bigger, newer home.
For now, though, we have our “Pretty Blue House”, with a porch swing in front.

Gearing Up For Homeschool

It is that time of year again! We received our K12 stuff via UPS this week, and are very excited to start Big A in first grade this year! We participate in a charter school called Ohio Virtual Academy, OHVA for short. This has been great for us. I am not ready to send my five year old to a public school, nor am I fully convinced that a child should be homeschooled all 13 years, either. I happily sit on the fence when it comes to this issue, because OHVA makes it possible for Big A to enjoy the benefits of public school while learning at home. For free. I sing their praises on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not all states have such a sweet deal. Ohio just happens to have a charter school that uses the K12 curriculum. It would cost families in some other states to use K12, so I realize how blessed we are.
This year A has 7 subjects-Math, Science, Language Arts, Phonics, Music, Art, and History.I’ve drawn up a schedule for our school days that I hope will work most of the time, if the littles cooperate. Ideally the first four will get done daily, while the last three will get done at least 3 times a week. Fingers crossed.

Not a Dud Among Them

I’ve been thinking back to all the Christian music concerts I have attended. There wasn’t a single one that I didn’t enjoy immensely. Here are the artists I have seen. If you ever get a chance to see any of these talented folks, go with my blessing.
The Waiting
Sixpence None The Richer
Brian Hall *not a Christian artist
Caedmon’s Call
Chris Rice
Jennifer Knapp
Casting Crowns
Selah’s, Chris Rice’s, and Casting Crowns’ concerts were my favorites. Makes me want to go to one again soon. But Baby A probably would have something to say about that.


We are in the thick of summer in Ohio- it is very hot and steamy. The other day I was soaking my feet in the kids’ baby pool and thought about how neat water is. Whether you are standing on a sandy beach and watching the waves roll along or running a soapy bath, water is pretty darn interesting.
So my first works for me wednesday post is to remind us all that if we don’t have the beach, we can at least soak our toes in a baby pool, or at the very least a bowl of cool water. Next time you get to do that, think about how it really does help beat the heat!
And my thankful Thursday post (hey, who knows when I will get back to the computer again!) is that I am so grateful for clean water. I love that I can go to my kitchen sink anytime, day or night, and fill a cup, and quench my thirst.
I’m also thankful for Jesus, who offers living water that satisfies completely. When we ask Him to come into our lives, we no longer need to search for that one more thing that eludes us. He makes all things new and complete.
That is what I think about when I see water these days.

Don’t Just Diet Naked!

I came across a blog called The Amazing Shrinking Mom today. Recently the mom there has decided to go on a diet, but be really transparent about it, for added accountability. I guess there was this challenge once where these people had to lose weight, or have their pictures taken wearing bikinis and put on television for all to see their failure. What motivation to get the job done!
Luke has an interview with a church in two weeks. I want to look my best so that I can make Luke look good (not that he needs a whole lot of help :), and that gets me thinking about this Dieting Naked thing. When you have something right around the corner you want to look good for, you are more likely to do the things leading up to it that will get you looking good. You better bet I’ll be running every day and eating only the essentials these next two weeks!
That is how it should be in our spiritual lives as well. Jesus is coming back SOON, and we only have so much time to get our acts together. Besides, just focusing on our outward appearances or activities and letting our hearts go to seed is like the people in Jesus’ day that He called “whitewashed sepluchres”.
So, as I prepare for that weekend, I want to be as transparent in my spiritual journey as well as my dieting. No, I am not perfect, but am working towards that goal. I don’t want to be standing before the Lord, spiritually speaking, fat and wearing a bikini.
Check this out for more on Dieting Naked.

What’s Up With Your Blog’s Name?

Other than that it was available, the reason I picked the phrase “Consider it done” is because it is used by a character in some of my favorite novels, the Mitford books, by Jan Karon. Plus, I like how it goes with one of my favorite verses in the Bible. 1 Peter 1:4 talks about how we as believers have an inheritance that will not fade away. That means it is a done deal. Do I really live life like I “consider it done”- that Christ’s death for me on the cross is my only redeeming quality? Or am I still trying to make it on my own, not depending on His grace until things get tough? This blog can be a daily reminder to me to make sure I am doing this thing filled with the Spirit, not my own flesh.