Good Eats

Tonight we had Chicken Pot Pie and Fried Potatoes. This was an exercise in self denial, as it is Deep Dish Pizza Night at our local pizza shop, Two Cousins. Usually I come home from Bright Lights and the last thing I want to do is fix dinner, but it worked out okay since today I prepped a lot of the meal before I left. Must remember to do that every week! It would save us a whopping $32!
We had a good meal last night, too, in spite of the power being out since 4:00 that afternoon. Last Sunday we thought we might have guests, and Luke picked up two cans of chicken from GFS for it. We only ended up using one on Sunday, so we opened the second can last night and Luke cooked it on one of his camping stoves. Kinda fun, really. He made some smart comment about having to work all day and then come home and slave over a hot stove…I love this man.
I got to thinking how much simpler life would, of necessity, have to be if we didn’t have electricity. It seems really inviting at this time of my life. But, it only took a half hour or so of no power for the kids to start getting on each other’s nerves and asking if they could do a, or b, or c, and me answering that a, b, and c require electricity. We’d have a big adjustment to make if it ever became the norm.
When I make chili, it is different every time. This is fun, until I happen upon a version I really like and want to make it again. Luke keeps coming home from the store with nonperishables like beans, oats, wheat, and rice, and I thought Thursday that I would make some chili with the kidney beans. That, and I was feeling especially inspired after leafing through the Rancho Gordo Cookbook. Too bad I don’t have any beautiful beans like in all those recipes. Luke really wanted us to plant most of our garden in beans this year, but we didn’t get to it in time. He did get a tray of tomato plants, some lettuce and cayenne pepper plants, and some red onions. The onion tops and the top of two tomato plants are gone, the lettuce I cut last night and tasted it- terrible, and the peppers look sickly. I can freely blame the weather this year; even though we were extremely late in getting these plants in, rains and frost would have been working against us no matter what.
Seems I blog about food a lot. I was reminded of one post when a blogger I read mentioned making chickpea cookies. Then when I went back and read that old post, I remembered posting about cabbage rolls. Good times.

A Quiet Fourth

…Well, not as quiet as I would like. It is naptime, but the older four are playing Settlers of Catan with Luke, and being louder than I would like. Oh, well. It is a holiday. And, I should probably get the littles up soon, anyway, because they have not been going to bed very well lately and a shorter nap could help.

This morning when Luke got up, he offered to go to Wal-Mart and get a griddle. We have a tradition where we eat colored pancakes on Fourth of July morning, and our griddle wasn’t reliably working. So off to the store he went, for pancake mix and goof-off and painter’s tape. We are working on painting the trim in our front rooms while he is off work this week. He was saying to the kids this afternoon, “Look, this is the best way to take care of dirt; you just paint right over it!”

So, we had colored pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast. Even with his trip to Walmart we sat down to table by 9:00. Not too shabby. Breakfast always comes together quickly, thankfully. He said the bacon he brought home was the only they had available; the coolers weren’t working and they couldn’t sell the food that was in them. Wow! What a loss, especially over the Fourth! I guess Wal-Mart encounters a problem like this every day, somewhere, since they are so big. A mom and pop shop could go under if something like that happened.

We didn’t get to see fireworks last year; I forget why not, but it probably had to do with little children’s bedtimes and me being too tired. This year, I wanted to go, but the same factors apply this year as last. Luke noticed where there will be some fireworks tomorrow night at a lake nearby, at 9:00. That is an hour earlier than the show in Ontario tonight. Plus, we can go to the park beforehand and roast hot dogs and the boys can fish. I hope the weather cooperates.

This leaves today totally open for rest and relaxation. I am getting a lot of things done, though- ground cornmeal and wheat flour in my mill, two loads of dishes, four loads of laundry (so far), planned my meals and grocery list for next week, and started a new book my sister recommended called Stepping Heavenward. Not knowing anything about it, I am still in that breath-holding stage as I read. Thus far, her neighbor’s young son has died, then her father died, leaving them to move into a smaller house and cut back on expenses. How much worse is it going to get before it gets better? I like what the author is sharing about loving God, and how best to do that is to obey Him. It is that simple, but it seems daily I battle my feelings and conclude I am not any better of a person than I was yesterday because I do not feel like being nice or working hard or even getting out of bed. This morning I woke up at 4:30, then was able to go back to sleep, but knew I should get up in another hour to have my quiet time, so it didn’t feel all that nice to have to wake up in another hour. I call this ‘quiet time’ because it is the only time I can have a quiet house; if I sleep in, my chances of having it later in the day are slim to none. But I remind myself of a few things- I don’t have to feel like doing this. I just have to obey. And the rewards are felt, all day long, knowing I put Him first and have something fresh from Him to ponder all day. I heard a speaker put it plainly: “You don’t hem and haw about brushing your teeth. At some point you decided you would do it daily, at least, and now you do it. That discipline is much like the discipline of daily Bible reading and prayer.” I think of this every time I go through my routine of brush, floss, and swish. Gingivitis of the soul should scare me even more.

TGIF Thoughts

The boys and Abbie just got back before dinner tonight. They attended a Beulah Beach On The Road day camp Tuesday through Friday, and every other night was spent with Grandma Carol. During those they got thoroughly spoiled by their aunt, uncle and cousins, who live with Grandma Carol. Last night they got to see Monsters University, and it will be all they can do not to tell the rest of us what the movie was about till we see it. Sam has already said it is better than the first Monsters movie, though I doubt that is possible. A prequel being better than the original? Didn’t work for Star Wars.
A busy week comes to a close. Two of the mornings we had to all be up early to take the kids to Beulah Beach, and the other days were pretty full, too. Tuesday I went over to the church to clean the nursery, and got the infant nursery ready to take babies again. The past few months it has simply been a storage room with a corner for nursing mothers. But after last Sunday, I realize we need to break up our littles during morning worship.
Thursday we had a Bright Lights meeting, and even though I was missing a sitter (Carol was being employed with picking up our Beulah Beach campers), I decided I would go and bring Caleb, Adon, and Micah along. It worked out fine, as the skies cleared just as the meeting began and stayed nice until the meeting was over! What a blessing. I sat outside with the boys; Kenan slept in his stroller while Adon and Caleb climbed the playground with two other boys who were there.
Today I awoke so tired. All the running around was catching up to me, and I did not look forward to going grocery shopping. It would be nice to have that done, leaving tomorrow free for other things. So, after breakfast and a sign language video, we set out. Our first stop was the library to return  Signing Time, the video we’d just watched. I am reading through the Bible while nursing, and read in Leviticus the laws about borrowing things and what one should do when those things are damaged or destroyed. Been feeling very convicted about our treatment of library books. Of course, it isn’t usually me damaging a book, but they are taken out on my card and I am ultimately responsible. The cover of Signing Time got damaged, so I thought it best to take it back sooner than planned and ‘fees up to the damage to it. The librarians may begin to think me weird, because this is the third time I have done this in as many weeks, but I want to be faithful to God’s word in this area, if even in a small way.
Since I am reading the Bible most of the time, I have only read one article out of the new Above Rubies magazine. Usually I zoom through an issue in a couple of days, but that way I am sure I miss a lot of good lessons. I’ve had a chance to mull over what was said in this article, and find it to be even more true than I first thought.
The author shares about how she didn’t want to have any more children, so the couple took measures to cut off her fertility. Later, her baby died after falling ill suddenly with a heart problem, and in that experience many truths came into focus. I’ll quote her here.
We used to take our fertility so much for granted that we thought we could just cut it off and throw it in the garbage…We did our absolute best for Eva [the baby who died]…We prayed for her. We fought for her. We loved her. We held her. We slept with her. I pumped milk for hours and hours and hours in the PICU for her. But our fertility, and the hope of life for any other children, we threw in the garbage, like so much detritus. The lives of our future children were of no value to us.
I think of how our van battery died in the parking lot at Meijer last month. Fortunately, Luke was at work and could come over and give us a jump. We noticed the battery wouldn’t do so well with the A/C and radio on, so we rode all the way home, and for the next few days, with these two things off, trying our best to keep our battery going. I can nurture a car battery, but when it comes to being open to more children, I waver, and even try to prevent it sometimes. Such a delusion, isn’t it?

Good Quote

One day it will all be finished, and the weary feet, all scarred and bleeding, will cross the last mountain, tread the last trail, reach the last tribe and win the last soul. Then He Himself will exclaim, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Let us keep our eyes steadily on the goal. For when we hear the shout from the skies, all else will fade into utter insignificance. Ere long the Lord will descend from Heaven with a shout. Even so come, Lord Jesus. ~ Robert Jaffray

The last soul. What a magnificent thought. Wonder if we’ll know who that is in Heaven.

Every Day Is Father’s Day

Today was a good day. We woke up and got ready for church. Luke had a genius idea for getting everybody bathed, since we were all grimy from playing at Grandpa and Grandma Chase’s house the evening before. He told the kids who shower that he would keep them to three minutes or less, and showed them how they should wash: “shampoo, pits, privates, feet, and back to pits, if you need to.” It was hilarious. And so many of them actually showered in less than three minutes! Now that I know they can…No more leisurely bathing. Luke heated water in our large stock pot on the stove for the little ones’ bath- that worked really well, even making the water too hot at first and Aliyah needing to add cold water! It was time to go, and I was trying to brush through the two little girls’ hair and having a really hard time, when I was told that their hair hadn’t been washed, only rinsed, because there wasn’t any baby soap in the tub. Hmmm. Oh, well, at least everybody got wet.
I had an interesting thought while I was in the shower earlier this morning; it seems the strangest, and best, ideas come to me at this time. This was where I first thought of doing the book about Caleb, where I thought of Aliyah using a pillowcase for her laundry, where I have started labor before, and where I can almost always think of good things for which to pray. Anyway, this time it was this:
Maybe I should get baptized again.
Let me first paint the picture of my first baptism; I know it by heart because I have pictures of it. I was 8, it was at a lake. My dad walked me into the water, and hand in hand we made our way out to where our pastor was waiting. He asked me some questions about my decision to follow Jesus, then dunked me in the water. Once.
What a strange thought to come to mind, to be baptized again. On the one hand, I guess I could say that I was too young at the time I did it for it to have meaning. On the other hand, the thought of doing it again could carry with it the impression that one needs to do it again if they first did it when they were very young, and there is value in doing a thing once.
Here’s the real thing, though- if I were to give my testimony, I would share that a more meaningful conversion experience happened when I was 18, at Word of Life Bible Institute, after I had started down a wrong road with dangerous relationships and illicit behavior but been moved, I believe, by the Holy Spirit to consider my ways and to turn around. And it was a turn around, in every sense. Word of Life was a perfect place for me to heal and start to grow. I have always called that time and place my own personal rehab facility.
So, if I truly was converted at 18, technically one could argue that I should be baptized again. Up until now, I haven’t thought it necessary. But the more I think about it through the day today, the more I wonder. A person’s baptism means something not only to the one being baptized, but to the body of believers watching. It is identification with Christ, immersion in His life, His work, His resurrection, His body. Those around me could benefit from seeing me take this step.
That is the positive spin I could see come from this. The negative is that maybe I am just after some self-glorification. When I have an idea, I try to think about where or who it might have come from. If it could only have come from God, easy. Go and do likewise. But sometimes Satan has some pretty good ideas. And I in my flesh do, too. It that case I have to figure out if it is black and white ‘no, shouldn’t go there’ or grey ‘maybe not now, but later it will bring God glory’.
Some interesting indicators that this might be from God- Pastor’s children’s sermon this morning was about Jesus’ baptism! Then, his sermon was about Naaman the leper dunking in the Jordan river, and I hadn’t before thought about how that is a picture of baptism, too- the joy one has after coming up out of the water with a new lease on life. Then, even more bizarre, I checked my email this afternoon and we were invited to a baptism tonight! A girl from our Bright Lights group was being baptized, and I was glad to be able to go and encourage her in this way. Beautiful spot, too, right in the Clear Fork river! As we were leaving, Abbie told me she wanted to be baptized! Awesome.
Here were three indicators today that God may be saying, be baptized. I will continue to pray and seek counsel on this; our next baptism will be during the church picnic in August, so I have some time. If not me, maybe one or more of our children will show some interest. Due to my history, I don’t push our children to get baptized; so far only Aliyah has been baptized while the older five have professed faith in Christ.
Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a blessing to all who gather at the water there.
“This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” ~God

June Post

That nap felt good. I’ve been trying to keep them to a half hour; any more than that, it seems like I feel worse when I get up than when I went to bed. I think my dad has learned to take ‘catnaps’ in his profession as a truck driver, and I used to not believe he could really feel rested after only a few minutes sleep. But a half hour does more good than no nap at all.
We are headed into some fun days. Both my brother and my sister and her two kids are coming to Ohio. They were last here, each of them, at Christmas, and got to meet Kenan before they left. He’ll be much bigger to them now. Some activities we already have planned, like a trip to the lake to pick up  Aliyah and Sarah from camp. Other things I would like to do, like ride the carousel and tour Kingwood Gardens. Strawberries are ripe down our road, so we may go down there tomorrow and pick some. Picking strawberries for me means I park and let the kids get out and pick them while I sit in the van and read a book or make calls. It is great. The patch at the bottom of the hill wasn’t kept this year like in years past, and there are a lot of weeds. But, it appears they are still opening the field for picking. Maybe it will be even cheaper to pick there this year.
For the past month, during times that I use our microwave, there’ll be flashes of light and a groaning sound. Pretty scary. If that happens, I stop it cooking right away, but most of the time it runs normally. So, I wonder if it is only a certain food that is making the microwave act up? It seemed like melting butter might have been a no-no, so I started putting it in a pyrex bowl and putting it in the preheated oven when I needed melted butter. But just this morning, Sarah was heating up oatmeal, and, though I didn’t see flashes, there was smoke when she pulled it out. What to do? Maybe this is my cue to start weaning myself off of a microwave- I could free up quite a bit of space in my kitchen if I didn’t have one in there. Right now the shelf it is on only goes so high, but if I had that whole wall, I could put more shelving up on it. “I”, meaning Luke, of course. I have envisioned a long white shelf that stretches from the black shelf in the corner to the fridge. That would hold decorative plates and vases and bottles. Luke just got me a plate from the Mexico area of Epcot that has the Aztec (or Mayan?) calendar on it. It would look good up there.
Warming up leftovers would be a challenge. Soup and sloppy things wouldn’t be so hard to put in a pan on the stove, but what does one do with lasagna or a piece of chicken? I guess put them in the oven? I was eyeing the cutest little saucepan some months ago; I think it was meant expressly for melting butter. The circumference of it may only have been half that of my smallest heating surface. I have always loved miniature things. Maybe I am meant to have it.

Summer Reading Program

This morning went a little better, schedule-wise. I told my eldest that for this week, my number one priority is to get reading lesson time in with Caleb. He is so close to reading that I can’t let it drop now. We have about six weeks to go before we are done with the curriculum, and I hope the lightbulb will go on for him soon. It should. After his reading lesson this morning, I wanted to get some laundry done before we left for the library (different day this week due to waiting for Luke’s package yesterday), and that was like pulling teeth. With the introduction of a schedule, I changed the laundry jobs to being the girls’ responsibility. It used to be divided up among any able bodied child and would change every day. Putting the girls in charge seemed to me to be a more efficient way of doing it, but already my older girls are balking at the task. Maybe I will assign it to one girl each week. I don’t know. All I do know is I can’t do it by myself.
We finally did make it to the library, and I noticed how busy it was. Oh, right- school is out, and the library has their summer reading program up and running. Lots of kids were there, in and out, registering for the program and doing the scavenger hunt game in the children’s section. It made me a little nervous, and I kept counting our children, making sure I knew where everyone was. I saw Sam walking around with a boy his age, talking. Then Noah passed by with another boy his age, both of them working on finding the pictures for the scavenger hunt. It was so cute how they both found new friends that quickly! Each night at VBS we are challenged to invite someone else to come the next night, and both Sam and Noah wished they had thought to invite these boys. Abbie had me write some info about VBS on the back of a reading record sheet, and later I heard she gave it to a librarian. One of the kids scolded her, saying that the librarian wouldn’t come to VBS. Another then said, “She might have kids that can, though!”
I signed up for the adult reading program, and mulled over in my mind whether it would be ethical to put down books I had just finished, like
The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
While We Are Far Apart by Lynn Austin
or George Muller: Delighted In God by Roger Steer
I concluded that that would not be right, as I had finished them all in the month of May, and the program just started on Monday. Well, then, what to read? I was drawing a blank. I considered starting down the list of Newberry Winners; Luke has said he wants the 2 older girls to read Newberry books this summer. Not only would this benefit them, but ones they like we could consider using in our homeschool book club, or something I could read aloud to the family. I also looked at things on the shelf at the library- books the staff had picked. I came home with a book called Flunking Sainthood, where this girl tries and fails at spiritual disciplines. It looks interesting.
But, as I put my lunch together after returning home, I thought again about how flunking sainthood is the norm, one reason for me being that I don’t hold the things of God in high esteem. I can completely get lost in any other book than the Bible. Why is that, since the Bible is the most important book ever written? I read in Deuteronomy this morning, “It is your life…” A book like that deserves more attention. Why not, then, have my own summer reading program, and the books I attempt to read all be found in one Book, the Bible! I’m going to do it. While nursing, I spend so much time reading books. If I simply devote that time to reading my Bible this summer, I imagine I may just get a good way through it. Forget Read Through The Bible In A Year; I’m proposing for myself, Read Through The Bible In A Summer!

Get Your Gun, There’s Cows In The Road

Day two of the schedule, and already I can see why I haven’t attempted one before. It is really hard to stay on track! Lots of good excuses- Tuesday is our Library day, and it being VBS week has us unusually tired and a bit grumpy. But it turned out to be other reasons the schedule wasn’t followed.
Back in March, Luke bought a product (starts with g and rhymes with fun) from a company. Try as he might at adjusting the pieces, he couldn’t use the product with the success he should have, so he called the company. They had him ship it back to them, telling him they would try to fix it. Weeks went by, with few updates on the product’s progress. Luke would call the company, only to be put off or redirected to someone else or told something to get him off the phone. Finally, one day last week, Luke decided he would ask for his money back and buy this product from the rival company (starts with r and rhymes with bemington). Lo and behold, the company suddenly decided to send him a brand new product by UPS two day air! This was to arrive sometime today, and I was thinking that we shouldn’t go to the library in the morning if it hadn’t come yet, since someone would need to be there to sign for it. I told the kids, this is important to Daddy, therefore it is important to us. So, we waited all morning for the package to come, missing our library trip and not exactly following our schedule. But, the product did get delivered this afternoon, and we were able to text Daddy the good news.
He called me this morning soon after he’d left to tell me that cows across the road from us were in the road. This is the third time (the second time in ten days!) we have had to call the sheriff about this- the neighbor apparently is having some fencing issues. What a frightening thought to come speeding up our hill in a little car and meet a huge cow! I hope that this visit from the sheriff is accompanied by some consequences, not because I feel any ill will toward our neighbor, but because he is putting people’s lives in danger and needs to change his ways. After Luke’s call, I walked down the driveway to the mailbox, trying to see if there were still any cows out or if the sheriff had come. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, but I knew that there could be something over the hill that I, and the cars coming past our lot, couldn’t see. I wondered how I could warn them to slow down and be watchful without parking myself in a lawn chair at the mailbox for a few hours, waving my arms. The thought came- a sign! When I got back to the house, I went to work making one out of a cardboard box, thinking I could hang it from the mailbox. As soon as they saw my sharpies, the kids came round the table to help. What to say on the sign, though? It had to be simple, telling of the danger in a few words. Two possibilities were:
“Cows”- too short, might just think we have them for sale
“Cows ahead”- still not enough to cause a driver to take notice
We settled on “cows in the road” with cows really big, and in the road a bit smaller underneath. I told the kids how I felt that this was a time where even though it wasn’t our responsibility to remove the cows, it was our responsibility to try and protect people driving by, since we knew about the situation. In James it talks about knowing the good we ought to do and not doing it being sin, too. Also, I told them how making this sign was kinda like our failed church plant, Hope Community, all those years ago. Looking back, it would seem rather hopeless, with Grandpa Don, our pastor, dying, and nobody coming to our church. But that didn’t matter so much in the bigger picture; God was looking for obedience. So, this sign might just be a silly way to throw us off our new schedule and not help anyone avoid hitting a cow with their car, but then again, God can do a lot with obedience even in the small, silly things.
Sarah says the sign blew off the mailbox within ten minutes of installing it. Oh, well. We have it for the next time, if there is one.

First Day

Today is a day of many firsts. I have been thinking about putting myself and the children on more of a structured schedule, and today was the day to start implementing it. Kenan has been doing alright on a 3 hour feeding schedule; I got that going first so that I could have him be more dependable during the day. For the rest of us, I desire to see us accomplish more in the morning, and have the house in good shape in time to see Daddy come home in the afternoon. He puts in a 9 hour workday; maybe we could approach our day in the same manner, with the same goals and limits placed on our time. Also, we only have him in the evenings, and I would like to see our schedule putting us in a good position to enjoy that short time we have with him.
The schedule met with some resistance, as expected. Though not much is being introduced as new, shuffling around our activities has the children getting up earlier and having more things to do back to back. I think it will be okay, though, if I can stay firm and consistent and they adjust to it. Three priorities are tooth-brushing, piano practice, and showers, and I have not completely figured out how to get these all done in a day. The older girls should shower at least every other day, and the older boys are nearly to where they need one that often, too. I’m putting the boys’ showers, for now, at night, since their hair is short and can dry faster than the girls’ but that leaves me with when the girls should shower. They weren’t too keen on getting up earlier than early to do it, but I think some days that will have to be what happens. Today I had them do it during naptime.
Another first: the first day of VBS. The theme is Colossal Coaster Ride, so lots of amusement park stuff going on. The shirts are blank purple or yellow uniforms our pastor obtained from Cedar Point, and when I brought my purple shirt home yesterday, I had all sorts of ideas how I could jazz mine up:
-bric a brac along the front and back to make it look like a western shirt
-embroider my name above the front pocket, or a generic name like Joe or Mike
-take in the sleeves so that they would be more stylishly angled like current shirts are
-buttons spell out ‘VBS’ across the back
Any of these embellishments would have been lovely, but the only thing I accomplished was to advise Aliyah some on her VBS shirt- She took the button and strap at the top of the shoulder and rolled the sleeves under it- a cute look. I did pull out the sewing machine and attempt to take in my sleeves, but after doing one had to admit to myself that I stink at sewing. I don’t know how to get the tension just right so that I don’t have huge loops in the thread above or below, and I don’t have the patience to learn how. Back in the box the machine went, and out came the stitches. I may roll up the sleeves some, we’ll see.
Aliyah and Luke are helping at VBS doing songs, and I will be in and out of the preK group and nursery. Tonight, however, it looks like Luke and I will also help with games. I’m glad he is so good with kids; I definitely could not lead games any better than I sew.

Hurts and Eats

My stomach hurts. And my finger. But I’ll start with the gut. Last night we had Bubba Burgers, and although Luke would say this is purely coincidental, this is the second time, at least, that I have gotten a bad stomachache after eating one of those! I don’t like feeling bad- there are too many things to do that I now don’t want to do. I am, however, up for a romp in the sprinkler, if I can get Kenan down for a nap- we shall don our swimsuits and go outside at 3.
That last paragraph took me forever to type because I have a bandaided pointer finger. Gratefully, it is on my left hand, but I am still running into situations where the bandaging, and the injury, makes the finger difficult to use. We are planning to have Breakfast Dinner tonight, and I was cutting up peppers for Breakfast Potatoes and sliced across my fingernail. It is deep enough to cut through the nail and bleed a lot, so I have a couple bandaids on it. I knew at the time that I was daydreaming a bit too much, I forget now about what. Goes to show I should never think I am proficient enough in the kitchen to allow daydreaming.
I just remembered that Luke wanted to mow tonight; the sprinkler party had to end at 3:30. That should give the grass sufficient time to dry before Luke has at it. The kids aren’t happy about this, but at least they got to cool off some on this hot day.
When we went to the library today, I picked up some cookbooks. I have a lot of odds and ends in the pantry cupboards, and want to use most of them with   meals these coming weeks. We have a lot of beans, and I would love to come up with some more bean dishes the family would eat. Next week we have an evening VBS and will eat dinner at church beforehand, so I won’t be making dinner all that week. I am planning on bringing a salad and dessert each night and have come up with these so far:
Tossed Salad
Greek Salad
Italian Salad
Oriental Salad
Chef Salad

As for desserts,
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Strawberry Jello Cake
Caramel Chip Bars
Mint Brownies
Apple Crisp

Since I am not furnishing dinner, I look forward to splurging on some treats we don’t normally get to eat. Plus, I’ll have time in the afternoon to fix them.