Valerie’s Top 5

The top 5 things I like about my husband:

5. He is good looking

4. He is great about taking over at home when I am sick

3. His hobbies aren’t too expensive (have you seen how much
nine holes of golf cost? Ay yi yi So thankful he isn’t a golfer)

2. He is very wise and rational (we’re opposites here)

1. He has a real relationship with Jesus that my kids can see;
hopefully the legacy will be carried on in them

What do you like about your hubby?

4 Replies to “Valerie’s Top 5”

  1. I like how you put his looks as #5. 🙂

    Here’s mine: top 5 things I like about my husband:

    1.Accepted Christ’s Salvation.
    2.Thinks before speaking.
    4.Likes to build things.
    5.Willing to try some of my crazy ideas. 🙂
    (and he’s good looking too!) 🙂

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