We are in the thick of summer in Ohio- it is very hot and steamy. The other day I was soaking my feet in the kids’ baby pool and thought about how neat water is. Whether you are standing on a sandy beach and watching the waves roll along or running a soapy bath, water is pretty darn interesting.
So my first works for me wednesday post is to remind us all that if we don’t have the beach, we can at least soak our toes in a baby pool, or at the very least a bowl of cool water. Next time you get to do that, think about how it really does help beat the heat!
And my thankful Thursday post (hey, who knows when I will get back to the computer again!) is that I am so grateful for clean water. I love that I can go to my kitchen sink anytime, day or night, and fill a cup, and quench my thirst.
I’m also thankful for Jesus, who offers living water that satisfies completely. When we ask Him to come into our lives, we no longer need to search for that one more thing that eludes us. He makes all things new and complete.
That is what I think about when I see water these days.

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