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I do think we need to stop thinking in terms of ‘what can I handle’ and instead ‘how can I be stretched’. ~Octamom

My sister put out a request for good books to read, as she has challenged herself to read more in the coming year. I got to thinking how much I have enjoyed reading in the past, especially novels. Then about three years ago, I started noticing how while reading I would really zone out. It was getting dangerous to read while the children were about; even though I was in the same room with them, I wasn’t paying a lick of attention to what they were doing. Kim warned me about escaping into fiction; Nancy did, too. But it wasn’t until the day I looked up from my book to see 9 month old A Minor crawling down the sidewalk toward our street’s intersection that I was shocked to attention. Of course, there were other circumstances that led to her escaping the house unnoticed, but it still served as a wake up call to me- novels no more! I love to read. I love to spend my time doing that. But ever since I have become a mother, I have had to give up many things I love to do, because my children’s well-being is more important than brief moments of leisure.
I like how Octamom puts it:
“I would never have grown into the person I am were it not for the cradle crucible of self-sacrifice…”
I’m not saying reading novels is wrong. I just finished the last two books in the Mitford Series over Christmas, following Nancy’s advice of picking up a favorite book during vacation. And, I have discovered the joys to be had in reading non-fiction, in preparation for school lessons, homekeeping, and growing in wisdom. Reading, as with all other interests, is a pastime I have had to bring under submission to God’s will, not mine. Even little things, like giving up novels, serve to stretch me in ways I never imagined.

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  1. I really liked the quote!

    Another friend mentioned she reads while drying her hair and brushing her teeth! *Someone* once told me about reading the Bible while doing dishes. I’m feeling uncoordinated…if I did either of those, there would probably be some wet paper in there somewhere. 😉

    I rarely do anything completely when the boys are awake. Maybe that is because of who I am and who my children are? We just had our first ER visit, and once she knew all was ok, my MIL laughed about it finally beginning. What? No more please. It was harder on me than the bambino!

  2. hahahahaha! I meant to say “I rarely do anything completely on my own when the boys are awake.” But what I actually wrote might be more accurate! 🙂

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