Year of the Bug?

Gracie, 2009 is not getting off to a good start.
Last week I had the flu, as ill as I can remember being in a long time. There was one day I lay in the recliner, only getting up when it was completely necessary. I could only shuffle places, and every pore in my skin felt like an active volcano. As I rested, I would think about what it would be like to be this way long term, either with a chronic illness or a debilitating disease. I was thankful that by all appearances this would only last a few hours. In my fog, I also noticed how much funnier Luke seemed to be- it was as if everything he said made me laugh (silently, and gently, for fear of hurting my throat). Usually his humor rating falls around 2%.
That bug apparently hit Luke, me, and our two next to youngest, and we all are on the mend. But this week we have been hit with something really strange- a staph infection. A Flat developed this rash behind both of her ears, and I took her to the pediatrician yesterday and found this out. The antibiotic was free at Meijer, which is about the only good news in this situation. The rest is bizarre- where did it come from? Why her? Why the back of her ears? I have to scrub them from time to time because she gets a kind of cradle cap thing going on back there, and I am thinking I must have done something to break the skin last time. But that still doesn’t explain much. I’m not in the mood to use my limited computer time to google ‘staph infection’ and look at gross pictures, so if any of you have any tips on staying infection free, please share. Hopefully nobody else will get it, and she will heal quickly.
This is supposedly the Chinese Year of the Ox, but it is looking to me like the Year of the Bug. C’mon, niney- prove me wrong.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t know nothin bout no staph infections. Speaking of Luke, sick, & funny though, I think he is funniest when he describes just how sick he is. Nobody has ever seen the trouble he has! Makes me laugh to think about it. : )

  2. I’m praying for better days and for quick healing! I’d believe staph lives on the skin and can potentially infect it when it gets broken. So your scrubbing theory might be right. Our babies had the cradle cap behind the ears too, and we used a gentle face scrub back there. Now I know why the ped said not to. He had us use really strong antifungal shampoo (Nizerol or Selsun Blue??) and that cleared up the cradle stuff.

  3. I’d like to add that it might have been the cradle cap itself that allowed the staph to get in. I remember someone with a type of eczema saying they had to take care for that not to happen.

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