How To Get A Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Dear Mother,

Whew! I very nearly became ineligible to even write a post like this, as my 15 month old’s sleepless nights were making me wonder if I knew anything on the subject. He has been sleeping better for three whole days, so I am back to suggesting, quite tentatively, these tips to help tired mothers.

1. Keep it dark. If one of our babies is up during the night, I do my best to leave lights off, or at least dimmed, so that they begin to understand this is a sleeping time and not a waking time.

2. Keep it quiet. This usually goes hand in hand with the darkness- and reinforces the point that we should be sleeping.

3. Keep a pacifier around. Almost all of my children have benefited from one of these- Gerber is one company we should have invested in when we got married.

4. Keep them comfortable. Figure out where and in what position they sleep best, and let them sleep that way. Current ‘expert’ advice on this topic can shift like the sands. Prayerfully consider what works for your child, and go with it.

5. Keep them dry. I usually change them first thing; sometimes I have gone ahead and fed/medicated/rocked/shushed, only to find out their diaper was primarily bothering them. Arrgh.

6. Keep to a routine. For me, baby’s day falls into a certain rhythm- change, feed, wake time, sleep. This loosely originates from things the Ezzos have suggested, along with others. As I do my days with baby this way, it doesn’t change at night, if they are up. This seems to work, and gets them sleeping in a dependable fashion fairly soon.

7. Keep your chin up. This part of childhood is a relatively short season, even if it lasts into toddlerhood! Find ways to cherish this time with your child, no matter how unnecessary their waking sometimes can seem. Pray. Go over memory verses. Plan your next week of meals. Make it a positive time for you both.

There you have it- 7 secrets of a highly successful, sleep-filled mom! Now watch- Baby C will be up all night tonight.:)

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