Thinking About The Ordinary

We’re talking about George Washington in school this week, and I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to going over the usual details (cherry tree slayer [not], war hero, president, great man, yada yada yada). As I was going through some books I got out of our library, however, I was drawn to some things that usually are not as widely talked about, like George’s affection for his older, half-brother, Lawrence, or what he might have liked to eat for breakfast. In other words, don’t we find those human, ordinary aspects of a person sometimes more interesting? It’s like getting a peek at their private journal, what reading a blog would be today. Things that make a person unique make for fascinating learning. Tomorrow we will revisit Washington’s famous winter at Valley Forge, but I hope to focus on the human aspects of such an experience, hopefully gaining a greater appreciation for what those brave (but ordinary) men accomplished through their suffering.

All these glimpses of the ordinary in George’s life get me thinking about Jesus, an infinitely greater hero. The longer I know Him, the more I want to get to know Him. Too bad the Bible didn’t include more details of His life before He went into ministry. What would have He been blogging about when His days simply involved work, family, and daily routines? What did He eat for breakfast? Those activities and habits that make Him unique would be of great interest to anybody who plans to spend eternity at His table!
Well, I gotta go make dinner. I’ll close with this favorite by Rich Mullins: