Cinnamon Bear

I forget how I came across it, but we’ve gone wild about Cinnamon Bear around here. The Cinnamon Bear in the Adventure of the Silver Star was a radio program first broadcast between November 26 and December 25, 1937. Six nights a week, there would be a short installment. The story begins with two children looking for a silver star among the boxes of Christmas decorations in their attic. They discover a bear figurine that talks, and he joins them in the search. I’ve only heard the first one, the kids the first three, but now we wait until November 26th, when we plan to listen to one a night just like folks did in 1937. Luke’s got his iPod rigged up to play through our dvd player’s speakers, and we have been enjoying all the music he has stored there. He downloaded the entire series of Cinnamon Bear, and that is how we will listen. I am looking forward to nights under the Christmas tree, simple evenings where we gather and do something old-fashioned like hear a radio program.