“It’s A Wonderful Christmas”

(This was originally posted last December.)

Delightful. Lovely. Heart-warming. Majestic.
These words come to mind as I think about Michael W. Smith’s latest Christmas album, It’s a Wonderful Christmas. Having enjoyed his other Christmas album, I looked forward to hearing this work. It did not disappoint. The recording opens with a sweet anthem sung with a little help from a children’s choir. I love to hear children sing- it gets me right there, you know? The title track is a piece that sounds like it is right out of a movie soundtrack. Luke and I thought maybe it was, since we knew he had auditioned work in the past for the movie Titanic. The next song has you feeling you’re on the top of the mountain with Frodo in Lord of the Rings- yep, another soundtrack song. That’s okay- he does start singing, eventually, in that one. “Song For A King” follows, a beautiful melody on the piano and violin that gave me goosebumps. There is also a song on the cd that Mandisa (from last year’s American Idol) sings with Michael- it brings a smile to my face, even though I wasn’t a big fan of her on the show. I don’t know how many of Michael’s past recordings have included bagpipe overtures (at least two), but this cd joins the collection, with “A Highland Carol”. The shortest track on the disc is also the most precious- I’d love to hear the story behind “Audrey’s gift”. Smith’s embracing benediction in “All Year Long” brings the album to a close perfectly.
I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves Christmas music. Its sparkling sound is sure to brighten your holiday.