Winning Christmas Music Picks

I wish any other time of year it was customary to pop a cd into the machine, and not only be entertained, but MOVED, you know? I suppose this kind of thing should be reserved for certain celebrations; the experience is temporary, therefore precious. Here’s a list of my favorite Christmas albums, with plenty of time for you to borrow, buy, or give:

Michael W. Smith’s Christmas albums, especially last year’s (see review below)

Angel Tree Christmas– children singing. Need I say more?

Daily Bread Majestic Christmas-I could listen to the song “Love Came Down At Christmas” 24/7. I think I did, last year.

Harry Connick Jr.’s When My Heart Finds Christmas
Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas
Music from The Nutcracker
These are the first to come to mind. The season is still young; I may come back and add. Talk to me: what are your favorite holiday sounds?

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  1. John Denver and the Muppets Christmas CD. It is my all time favorite. It sounds silly but there are some really songs on it along with some fun ones.

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