Week’s Summary

So much going on, so little time to type. I’ll try to hit the highlights…
I saw on A Year of Crockpotting where she tried making yogurt. This was really interesting to me because I have already been thinking of ways to boost baby C’s immunity, and yogurt is one. I tried it over the weekend, then again last night. Fantastic! The first time it was pretty thin, but last night’s batch was thicker, like the plain yogurt I buy at Aldi. At $1.25 (for the half-gallon of milk), minimal spent on fruit and the starter yogurt, you can’t beat homemade. So far I have only made smoothies, since it was so thin. This batch is going in muffins and waffles, and I may try stirring in fruit for breakfast since it is thicker.
Jeana at Days To Come mentioned a book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and I tried that, too. Basically you make up a large batch of dough and it keeps in the refrigerator for a few days. When you want to make something with it, you cut off what you need, and shape and bake. I just made a loaf in a loaf pan, and it has the most gorgeous crusty top. As soon as I come up with something to act as a peel, I may try free form loaves. Mmmm. What a great concept. Maybe that is what Panera does- Luke has a beef with how they act like everything they sell is made fresh, but it is obvious it could not. But if they use refrigerated dough, much of it would be possible.
Wednesday marked the three year anniversary of Grandpa Don’s death. I had many things going round in my head that I thought I might put down here, but I ended up not. What is more beautiful to reflect upon is how life has gone on since he went to Heaven- six more grandchildren and wonderful growing up of the other nine. That’s what he rejoiced in while here, and would still be.
A Burton funny- At breakfast after Election Day, the kids were asking me who I voted for, listing the people they were familiar with (having seen them on signs while riding in the van to church).
“Who did you vote for [for President]?”
“John McCain.”
“And did you vote for Sarah Palin?”
“Yes, they went together on the ballot.”
“And did you vote for Jimmie Johnson?”
Someone else answered, yes, and I didn’t say anything. I knew she meant Jim Jordan, whose sign was in our yard all October. We do watch a fair bit of Nascar around here, though, and I figured it would only be a minute before it clicked with Little S.
“Hey, nobody voted for Jimmie Johnson!”
Maybe not, but he is up for a big prize, too. Our vote would go to Carl Edwards, who we think looks a little like S. Go Office Depot Aflac Claritin Dish Network Citi Ford Fusion #99!!!

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