A Heritage of Thanksgiving

I’m reading The Light and the Glory, by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, and am having trouble putting it down! Usually I can avoid ‘escaping’ into nonfiction books, but the story these men have researched and have to share is incredibly fascinating. In it I just got done reading about the part of our nation’s history where the Pilgrims left Holland, sailed to the New World, and by God’s grace were able to make a life for themselves and the many to follow on Cape Cod. I am a descendant of a Mayflower traveler, and haven’t before realized how much my ancestor went through to get to America, and remain alive while here. It is inspiring. I plan to spend the next three weeks going through this event with the kids, taking us right up to Thanksgiving. I am so excited to be using one of the workbooks we bought in Plain City. In it are puzzles, coloring pages, and games that reinforce the truthful message that the Pilgrim’s journey was successful because they pleased God and He guided them. Good stuff.