“You Asked For It” Friday

Angela says,

“I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Sauder Village!”

We left Friday late morning, and our first stop was a discount Christian bookstore where we hoped to find homeschool materials. All they had was The Light And The Glory series of kids’ workbooks, based on the books by Peter Marshall and David Manuel. We snapped them up since I was wanting to do some kind of history with God’s providence in mind. I’ve since started reading The Light And The Glory- very interesting stuff. After that, we headed north to Archbold, cruising through Hardin County, among others. That county stood out because every so often, very often, I would see these long buildings- chicken houses. I guess this is the source of many a grocer’s eggs. I’m so excited about our newest acquisition- eggs from our friend Diana’s chickens. She brings them to church on Sunday and has a regular list of people pick them up. Luke likes to razz her about “making God’s house a den of theives”, but it’s all in fun. The first night we stayed at Sauder Village Heritage Inn, a beautiful facility with woodworking throughout, a pool and hot tub, and decent breakfast spread. The hotel package included tickets to the village and dinner at The Barn, Sauder Village’s restaurant. This was probably the worst meal we had the whole trip- it was a buffet like Der Dutchman, but way bad. Saturday we spent walking around the village. It definitely has the ‘Williamsburg’ feel, but on a much smaller scale. I was especially inspired in the schoolhouse, where the tour guide mentioned that children in the early 1900s really only went to school for the winter months, as they were needed at home the rest of the time. I got to thinking about this, and how that would only amount to a year’s worth of ‘learning’ after four years! Why, then, do I get hyper about getting so much done in homeschooling with my littles? It was a reminder to take it easy and keep things simple. They’ll learn as I am consistent, not as I hurry.
Sunday we spent up at the lake, driving and walking around Marblehead. I know it is just a lake, but being by water every so often seems to feed my soul. I love the sounds, the smells, the sights along the water’s edge. I’m into acorns right now, only having recently discovered that they are the seeds to an oak. (I know, how did I ever graduate?) We weren’t sure when the tree dropped these nuts; Luke was pretty certain it was in the spring, so I wouldn’t find any now. But there did end up being some in some unmowed areas around the lighthouse, and I was elated. Then, this week, we took a walk across the field to the woods, and I found more acorns there, gorgeous honey brown ones that had been protected by the leaf cover on the forest floor. I now have a nature shelf full of them, along with buckeyes, hickory nuts, and pumpkins (thanks, Aunt Gwen!).
Here is a slideshow of our trip. Enjoy!

Sauder Village Trip

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  1. Wow, that is a lake! Are the waves from boats? It looks like an ocean! Lakes are my favorite, esp if they are for swimming in. 🙂 The village was adorable. I enjoyed the pics! Thank you!

    You gave me another idea for your ask for it Friday, but I won’t be greedy if I have to wait. I love seeing nature shelfs. We have one, and it is always my favorite during the fall. Other times It is not so exciting. I need ideas.

  2. Dear Valerie,
    I am the kitchen manager at the Barn Restuarant at Sauder Village. I just read your blog and am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience here. I would like to hear from you personally about what happened with your food. Our team of food service professionals strives to recreate a homestyle experience: the very best we can offer. We serve over 180,000 meals a year with very few complaints, less than .02%. However, we take all complaints serious and want to make everyone’s visit here a good – if not great one. I would like to communicate with you about your personal experience and learn what we could do to make sure things like this do not happen again.
    Thank You
    Linda Schmidt
    Barn Restaurant, Kitchen Manager

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