“You Asked For It” Friday

Angela says,
“I can’t wait to hear the birth story (of baby A)!”

My due date came and went, no surprise there, since five of the previous six had done that. I’m getting pretty good at staying as busy as possible- there is of course plenty to do around our house, but it is also mentally therapeutic to have as many other things to think about than the baby that is not here yet. Monday morning we headed to the library, and I could tell I was getting close to being in labor, but still didn’t know how close. I spent the afternoon peeling and pureeing tomatoes for sauce, an activity that can be very calm and enjoyable when everybody is napping. 🙂 Good thinking time. My hopes for the coming years are for an increase of us growing our own food and depending less on the grocery store, and I would plan and dream while I boiled, iced, peeled, and squeezed.
Late that night I woke up after a very painful contraction. Luke was still up, so we sat in the living room and started to time them. They were consistent, but even after so many children, I am never sure that “it’s time”. I felt ill, another indication this probably was the real deal, so we left for the hospital. How wonderful to be living with Carol- we only needed to tell her we were leaving, not wait for someone to drive over. She makes my life so convenient; whatever will I do when we are on our own again?
We got to the hospital, and I was still having the pains. Here’s the thing, and don’t hate me: they really weren’t all that painful. Now, maybe I am somehow getting used to what this feels like, or getting good at relaxing through them (because panicking through a labor pain can make it much worse! Trust me, I know. That would be labor with Big A, all 12 hours of it.) It was confirmed I was in labor, and I settled into the hospital bed. One really neat song came to mind at this time-
Jaci Valasquez’s I Will Rest In You:
Oh, I want to be
In the place that I once knew as a little child
Fall into the bed of faith prepared for me
I will rest in You
I will rest in You
I thought about how this was one more act of faith on my part- if the pain got worse, if something went wrong, no matter what, my faith-full response should be just like that of a little child- I would rest in Him.
Luke kidded you not- it was over rather quickly. Partially due to a nurse annoying me in the final moments of pushing, partially due to Baby and body being good to me. But all due to my loving Father’s watchcare.
When Baby C was born, Staple’s Easy Button slogan kept coming to mind- “That was easy!” Now that I have had two relatively pain-free labors and deliveries, I’m completely overwhelmed at God’s mercy.

Tune in next time when Angela says, “I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Sauder Village!”
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