Weekend Plans and Weekend Thoughts

Luke and I are headed out to Sauder Village tomorrow for a much-needed getaway. We try to do one of these every so often, and it is a shot in the arm for our relationship. I look forward to a trip like this; it is easy to be grateful for special things. Funny how when it comes to routine household and family tasks, my attitude switches from “wow, I get to” to “arrrgh, I have to” and the joy in every gift of God is easily lost. Some examples:
I have to do laundry vs. I get to wash clothing shared with me by others or bought with money given me by God (sure would be cold to go around naked!)
I have to cook dinner vs. I get to prepare another meal for my family thanks to God’s provision
I have to change a diaper vs. I get to raise a child to the glory of God
…and the list goes on. The disconnect between things we want to do and like to do can go deeper, too, to the motives behind loving people and making priorities. If I’m just dwelling on “my duties” as a wife and mother to love, many of the recipients can see right through it and not feel loved, even though all their needs are, technically, being met. This requires an attitude adjustment, just the kind of thing to be pondering over a weekend alone.
That is what is on my mind- what is on yours?