Praying My Way Out Of A Job

I just found out today that our CEF Good News Club will be starting up in January. This is late for a beginning, mainly because they are waiting for more volunteers to help with the club. It would work out for us, though, who hope to be living in the area by then, and could get there in less time and effort. But the thought keeps nagging me: if I help out, I will need to get a babysitter. And chances are, that babysitter (likely somebody local, somebody from church) could help out at the club just as easily as help me with my kids, so why would I be leaving my kids to do club? Not that I don’t want to do it- I look forward to working with the children, but is it strange to anyone else that it comes down to me having to fill the position? I’d hope there would be so many people from churches in the community available and open to helping out such an influential outreach, that my services would no longer be needed. It appears, however, that too few in our area are willing to commit themselves to this ministry, and if this trend continues, the club will disappear. My prayer has always been that people catch the vision of child evangelism, to start feeling a burden for the children in our village who need Christ. Our club needs 6 more volunteers to start successfully. Will you pray with me these spots are filled? The children come; we get the privilege and awesome opportunity to tell them about God’s love. How dare we not answer this call.

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