Back From Break

Well, Luke’s time off is coming to a close, and I am ready to start doing more. I made sure after this baby I really did use the down time to the least of any accomplishment; other times I get back to work rather soon, and though my body may handle it fine, emotionally I am not always ‘there’ without some amount of rest. It pleases me to no end what I did not do these last two weeks:
No school
No cloth diapers
Barely any laundry
No grocery shopping
Not much computer-related tasks
Minimal dishes
Hardly ever left the house

Here’s what I did do:
Feed the baby
Feed the baby
Feed the baby
Answer a few emails
Read a few blogs
Feed the baby

I have two big helpers and two small helpers (but who helped in big ways) to thank for all that I didn’t have to get done. Carol gets a much needed vacation now as she heads to PA, and Luke can settle back into his chair at his computer with his coffee mug, and only get up when it needs refilling. The girls, however, will be moving from part time to full time as we try our best to get back into a good routine. I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Sweet! 🙂 All of it sounded sweet! And I am especially happy about the part where you are rested and looking forward to getting back into major action–with helpers too! 🙂 What wonderful life lessons they are learning right along with school work.

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