The “Wickedness” Of Our Time

So enormous, so dreadful, so irremediable did the [slave] trade’s wickedness appear that my own mind was completely made up for abolition. Let the consequences be what they would: I from this time determined that I would never rest until I had effected its abolition.
~William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce was mightily used by God to help bring about the end of the slave trade in the British Empire. Here was a man completely dedicated to this task; this was an individual so passionate about his cause he was willing to do anything to see it to fruition.

Today there are countless men and women giving their time and efforts to fighting our “enormous, dreadful, irremediable” sins- abortion, slavery, child trafficking among others. But I wonder if it is possible in our day and age to ever see success in our work on anything more than a small scale. Wilberforce took on the whole British Empire, and admittedly did not realize the difficulty of his task at first. Still, he was able to take it all on, and win. Are the vices of this world too big for any one of us nowadays to say, like Caleb, “Give me this mountain”? I hope not. Maybe these victories are still in the making. Maybe it will be some time before we can look back and point to those who fought injustice and actually “effected its abolition”. May it be in our lifetime.

Expect great things. Attempt great things.
~William Carey