Sewing Successes

sewing.JPGWhile I can’t boast of building a house, I have gotten some things done on my sewing machine this week.
I use cloth diapers, but only about half time. I would like to see this upped to full time at home, even overnight, but have yet to come up with enough diapers for two toddlers (without having to wash every day), or something absorbent enough at night. The more I looked at the myriad of cloth diapering choices out there, the more I wished for something simpler. Carol talked about how back when her kids were little, they just used flat pieces of cloth and folded them to make their diapers. People still do this today; it is the cheapest way to cloth diaper, and the flats dry quicker in the dryer or on the clothesline. I wanted to get something with Baby C’s birthday money that would make it so we had enough diapers for A Minor and C, and A Flat to follow, through toilet training, and was about to buy some pre-folds online to try. Carol suggested I buy material and make it into pre-folds. JoAnn’s had flannel on sale this week, so I got a yard of it and made a diaper by following this very simple tutorial. I tried it out on A Minor today, then washed it by itself, and hung it outside to see how long it would take to dry. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it, but Carol reminds me that for optimum drying, I needn’t make the flannel completely into prefolds; I could just finish the edges of a 18 X 40 piece, and fold them when I need them. I’m pretty sure this is my next diapering system- the only things I need to decide are:

~whether to make them into pre-folds or finish them flat
~do I want to buy up some of the many different colors of flannel that JoAnn’s has, or stick with white. 🙂 Pink, blue and polka dots would be darling, for starters.
The other finished project I don’t really have a name for yet- I started with a ball of cranberry colored yarn that I loved and wanted to make into something for A Flat. I crocheted it all up, but was left with a long, skinny rectangular piece, not enough to be a blanket. I thought about backing it with some flannel; that way, it could be a burp cloth, nursing cover, changing pad, lovey, lots of possibilities. I saw this corduroy on Wal-Mart’s clearance table, and had to have it to git ‘r done. There is plenty of it left; A Major is eyeing it for Josefina’s next skirt. 🙂

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  1. Love it! I like the idea of colorful diapers (unless you want to bleach them). Would you have more fun with colorful diapers? The little lovey you made for baby girl is pretty and looks snuggley. What a neat idea!! It will come in handy being so portable.

  2. I would make them into prefolds-with 3 in diapers! If it doesn’t up the drying time too much, it might be worth it for those times when 3 need chaning at once and you might start longing for some disposables. I am only guessing though.

    P.S. I really like the quotes in your next 2 posts. Especially the Corrie Ten Boom one and the one about expecting and attempting great things. 🙂 AMEN! 🙂 We watched that old sit-com with Urkel, and I suddenly noticed his parents are never around, they forget him when they go on vacation, and they move out of the country without him. I commented to Love that there is so much that influences how a person can turn out, and possibilites are really great under good circumstances. Steve Urkel could have become either low-self-esteem Steve or smooth and cocky Stefan or someone wonderful in between. I hear that show has a happy ending that I want to see!

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