Much Ado About…

We’re headed to a wedding Saturday and, while I realize most people will not be looking at me during the ceremony, I still need to wear something a little more appropriate than my tent shirt, running shorts, and sneakers. So, in very much the same spirit as Meredith, and out of a commitment to reality programming on this blog, I thought I would post pictures of the dress choices I have, and let you all weigh in. So’s I don’t chase all three men who read my blog away, I’ve put the pictures in a Picasa web album. Read the captions; they may make or break your choice. Remember, the Internet adds 20 pounds. 🙂

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  1. Mom and I just looked at the pics and we both like the blue with white flowers. They all look nice, I wouldn’t wear the “homeschool” one though 🙂 I think it’s okay to wear black to a wedding. But you want to be comfortable.

    I had no idea your hair had gotten so long!

  2. I like the one that you said was by far the most comfortable. It looked very nice on you and you definitly want to be comfortable. Not the homeschool one, not the black, not the one that looks like the brides bouquet.
    Have fun

  3. Silver/gray/blue – “most comfortable one”.

    Great dresses to choose from, though. It’s always good to have choices. I agree with above – not the “homeschool” one. Save that one for the CHEO convention. 😉 The black one’s really pretty, but I agree with you, not wedding. The flowered one is… very… lilac – guess I’m just not into lilac. But LOVE that gray one (or whatever color it really is). You’ll look great!

    Wish Mom & me luck or you’ll be sitting next to a girl in denim capris!! Oh, the horror. Don’t want to have Grandma rolling in her grave. Literally!

  4. I went to a wedding last weekend and pretty much all of the women guests were wearing some sort of black and white outfit, including me. I actually wore capri’s- there were a lot of them too, (no denim ones though).

    I like the black dress best, but don’t wear it if you are uncomfortable.

    I am all about being comfortable. Especially if you are pregnant and in the hot weather. I would go with the blue one that you are most comfy in. It looks very nice. You will have more fun if you are comfortable.

  5. Your favorite-the black is my 1st choice, and the purpley floral one is second. The one you said screams homeschool has a nice tailored look, but I like the others for a wedding! You could brighten the black with jewelry or a cheery purse. Your hair is so long!!!! 🙂

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