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I’m starting to think about how I want to furnish the new house. In the living room, it is assumed we’ll have places for people to sit, though folding chairs look more and more attractive the longer I live with children. 🙂 If the few websites I have perused today are any indication, I might have some trouble finding the kind of couch I want. So, I thought I’d talk about it here, and maybe you have seen something like my description somewhere.

I would like a seat thats frame is not upholstered, ie. the arms and back are just finished wood. Then, cushions (probably three on top, three on bottom) nest in the frame. The closest I have come to this in my search so far is the futon- close, but not quite what I have in mind. Although, if someone can come up with a comfortable one of those that doesn’t look like it belongs in a dorm room, I might take a look. I don’t even know what this type I’m looking for is called- is there a name for it other than sofa? Sofa sounds so cushy. And, I am not willing to pay much for it, which cuts down the playing field dramatically. 🙂

Any ideas? We had a couch like the one I’m describing here when I was a kid, the cushions in a 70’s orange plaid. Mom had it reupholstered, then later switched it out for something different. I don’t wish she still had it; the varnish wasn’t too attractive. Though I suppose I could have refinished it. Yeah, in my spare time. 🙂 Anyway, please help me find the couch of my dreams.

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  1. I thought futon when you were describing, but then remembered the couch we used to have when you mentioned it. I just went to ikea first and found this. It sounds like it is a futon that they are calling a sofa 🙂

    This one is very pretty –

    This one looks like a futon, but as far as I can tell is not –

  2. I love Ikea, I have been there 2 times so far. I like that you can easily change the cover if you want a change. You could easily furnish your whole house with Ikea! I would order a free catalog.
    Also, I know the exact sofa you are talking about. We had one too. It was actually very comfy. The one we had was one long piece of foam that was more like a mattress. It was covered in brown and orange flowery print. So seventies.

  3. I recently saw a set like you are describing on Columbus Craiglist,I remember thinking how practical it would be. Can’t hurt to check. I am looking for some stuff so I have been spending quite a bit of time in the furniture section.

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