Ruggy Bliss

copy.JPGI’m starting another rag rug. This will be my fourth, and I’m taking my time, doing more (tedious) things to get it just the way I want it. Hopefully, it will go nicely under my new kitchen sink.
In the past, I just cut the strips and tied them together as I went along. This time, I am stitching each strip to the next one. Before, I would just crochet the strips without finishing the edges first. Honestly, though, loose strings on fabric makes my eye twitch, so I am pressing all of the strips in on themselves (there is probably a fancy name for this) before I use them, too. It is to where the preparation of the strip takes longer than the crocheting of the rug! But I don’t mind. There is something so fun about creating. Have you been creating lately, too?

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  1. I used the sewing machine the other day!! I am giddy with joy about it. I made a special pillowcase and a beanbag…it’s a start! I am attempting a new creative feat next month (hoping the supplies get here in time for baby’s bday!) …I’ll let you see it no matter how it turns out. Hopefully you will be rejoicing with me that I did it well enough since I am way over my head. 🙂

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