Too Much Information? Maybe

Well, I got me this problem. [Where’s the southern- speak coming from? Living in northwest central Ohio doesn’t lend itself to that kind of talk, but reading blogs like Sophie’s or Shannon’s makes it creep up on a’ one right quick 🙂 ]
It started a few weeks ago, when my underwear wouldn’t stay put right. As I was doing laundry the next day, I held up that pair, and saw that while the left leg hole looked normal, the right one looked like it had been wrapped around an elephant! I threw them away, figuring they were a dud pair with faulty elastic. Nothing noticed for a while, then this week, I’ve had the same problems with a couple of pairs. I haven’t examined them yet, but they feel like that first pair did when they are worn. My thoughts are these:
1. They each were part of a six- or eight-pack of undies. Is it possible that all of the pairs would eventually have the elastic in that same leg hole go bad?
2. Is there an elephant in my drawer?
3. The real question: do I have something wrong with me? I would expect pregnancy to stretch out the waistband, not the leg hole. It doesn’t appear that one of my legs are larger around than the other, but if any one of you notices this about me, would you let me know? I’d be so grateful.

4 Replies to “Too Much Information? Maybe”

  1. Okay, I told K six months ago that maternity underwear is perhaps the part of pregnancy I dread most. Seriously! I bought new this time and that stack is worse than the decade old pairs!! What’s up with that? It always feels like someone is following me – a bit unnerving.

    All that to say, I feel your pain, Sister, I really do.

  2. I’m glad you labled this funny. You made me laugh so hard! I used those really thin stretchy panties when I was pregnant and loved them. Luv Pats, I believe. You can find them at places like Wal-Mart. They are almost like panty hose material and stretch easily and still bounce back. There are other brands, but these are great, and Walmart prices. 🙂

  3. There is another explanation that you have not yet explored: perhaps a little girl is slipping into them and wearing said undies as a belt/fashion accessory. The perp may have found that the same leg fits her waist just right. Just throwing it out there as a possibly.

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