Sermon Drawings

I’m reading The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer, and in it she challenges any wife or mother created by God (that’d be everyone :)) to use their creative abilities to the fullest where they are right now, in their homemaking. One chapter talks about drawing, and she says how she would, during her husband’s sermons, draw corresponding pictures for her grandchildren to see. This helped them not only stay quiet, but got their brains involved with what the preacher was saying.

Yesterday, we had the two big girls in the service during the sermon. There is usually a bit of impatience (“When is he going to be done talking?”) and wiggling, but for the most part, they are pretty well behaved. However, I don’t think they are really getting much out of the sermon. They are learning, slowly, that this is a part of our week, and our devotion to God, but the fact that the sermon isn’t showy and with a lot of entertainment makes it difficult for them to pay attention. This will take a lifetime to learn!

About a third of the way into the message, as Big S was leaning over on the pew for the second time, trying to take a nap, Edith’s drawings came to my mind. I thought I should try that, and began making some scribbles around our pastor’s printed notes. The girls were intrigued, and I think if I make a habit of it, it will help them to keep focused. It is a bit humbling, to try and ‘explain’ what I think the pastor is saying with my own silly sketchings, but it does seem like what is needed during this time when they are still young, but need the meat of the sermon. It can be cut up for them with a pencil and paper.

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  1. Oh – what a great idea! Thank you for the timely reminder! 🙂 And to think I drew comics in school during a sermon once and felt guilty later.

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