Songs Rethought, Songs With Thought, Songs Forgot

I like to think myself a capable critic of praise and worship music. That is, I can appreciate any song, right off the bat, that doesn’t repeat its words too often. I usually find that songs that do are trying to compensate for poor writing (Hey, ‘God is good’ works here. Let’s use it five times in a row! That’ll get us to the second verse…) Shame on me for writing them all off in this way- David Crowder Band’s Never Let Go is a power-packed song of few words, written after Hurricane Katrina. I can’t listen to it without crying. Maybe this is because the truth is, when I have found myself in intense situations, my prayers are often reduced to three words or less, over and over again. A sampling:
Hearing about a tragedy, murder, or some other inhumane event (Lord, have mercy)
Death of a loved one (Oh God)
In transition of labor (Help!)
In any case, let me encourage you to never judge a praise song by its lyrics.

Another great song I heard today is Empty Me by past American Idol contestant Chris Sligh. Click on the song title for a free streaming of it. Good stuff-
Empty me
Of the selfishness inside
Every vain ambition
And the poison of my pride

I think winning that contest could have been the worst thing to happen to him. As it is, he is doing what he loves and I love to hear it.
Lastly, where has Down Here been all my life? I know, down here. Hee. I forgot all about it and was so happy to hear it again today, but their song, A Better Way, makes my heart just swell. Swell, I tell you.
He loves you, you know.