32 Blessings

1. My wonderful husband- he’s building me a house. Now, how many people can say that?

2. A Major- “When I become a ballet dancer, after each performance I will come out and tell people about Jesus.”

3. Big S- “Can we dress up?”

4. Little S- “God made people so we would worship Him.” Said it this morning, no coaching. Yeah, I’m looking into pre-enrollment into seminary.

5. Noi Noi- “He’s digging fow twezure.” His take on the baby with all fours in the flower bed dirt.

6. A Minor- always on the lookout for a pretty dress, even if it is the middle of the day and she already has one on.

7. The Baby- recognizes his calling as a professional climber.

8. Carol- she is letting us live in her house and try very hard not to destroy anything. A very brave woman.

9. Keith and Leigh Ann- they let us live next door. Very brave couple.

10. My dad- worked very hard to provide for our family

11. My mom- worked very hard to take care of us and our home

12. My sister- she is so giving it makes me feel guilty.

13. My brother- he’s going back to school to pursue music

14. My friend Angela- she is the bubbliest, most joyful person I know.

15. My friend Jenny- our dinner fare is so much more delicious thanks to her.

16. My friend Diane- I always come away from a visit refreshed and encouraged to do better as a wife and mom

17. My friend Kellie- I am challenged by her attitude to be more quiet, more patient, and more loving

18. Our in-between house

19. Our house to come

20. Our plucky garden- tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, maybe even eggplant, we’ll see. Mmmm. Eggplant Parmesan. Luke would deny this, but he ate it when I made it once and declared it “good”. Squash, cantaloupe, cucumbers…

21. Blueberry cobbler. Coming next month to a table in our house, made from local blueberries.

22. Chipotle. Can’t seem to get off the food kick, can I?

23. Our church- it we couldn’t have found it at a better time. So nice to be placed in a ‘family’ again after months of searching.

24. CEF Good News Clubs- I pray others see and realize the need for this program to continue in the public schools.

25. VBS- say yes! We did, and had a memorable week.

26. The Internet- source of many good things

27. The freedom to homeschool- there is so much good curriculum out there! I want to do it all.

28. The four seasons- I basked in the afternoon sun, yet could also read a picture book today about Christmas and long for snow, too.

29. Heroes of the faith, to learn from and pattern our lives by their example

30. The Bible- wonderful words of life

31. The little one that kicks inside- I’m designing a onesie with “Lucky Number Seven” screenprinted on it. Luke warns me to avoid certain fonts, which would allude to some alcoholic beverage.

32. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, aside from Whom I could not live, move or have my being. Oh may I be found waiting faithfully for Your return.

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