The Next Fundraiser

Our daughters are into the American Girl books. One has already bought a doll, and one of them is saving up now to do so. The girls were having marginal success selling potholders to finance A Major’s Josefina purchase last year, but I am thinking that fad may be over. Let’s face it- there are only so many things you can do with a five by five bit of woven sock rings, and the list doesn’t even include ‘holding pots’, because they’re too small. dsc03329.JPGI’ve been brainstorming other ways the girls can earn money, and have come up with something that makes use of their Knifty Knitter looms: eco-friendly reusable bags. Here is my prototype, and it is almost as funny to me as potholders, because I would need 50 of these on my arm when I walked into Meijer or Aldi. I just never go in a store for a few things. Apparently, many people do use them, or at least the stores are hoping they will start, because I have been seeing variations of them everywhere, from Kroger and Meijer, to Home Depot and Whole Foods. dsc03330.JPGI meant to take it out with me tonight to do a “few groceries” test, but forgot it at home. It appears that it will hold a couple canned goods, definitely some fruit. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out- there are many things I learned from doing the first one that should make future ones easier and better. One bag I saw praised in Consumer Reports had its own storage bag, so, not to be outdone, I crafted one for this guy:dsc03327.JPG

What do you guys think? The first one was a bit of work, but I believe successive ones will be simpler. Part of my problem was I used a pair of pants for the material, when starting with a yard of fabric would have gotten me quicker and less stressful results. It appears the pocket can only be attached to the bag under the straps; I thought about it being part of the bag’s bottom, but can’t visualize a way of making that work. I had hoped it could be reversible (as well as reusable! 🙂 ), but if that pocket is there, it will have to stay on the inside to look right. Or, it can just be separate, thrown in the bag when not in use. Anybody have a preference on this? I could ditch the whole pocket thing. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings. They are kinda cute, though. Again, I laugh at the thought of hundreds of these “pillow” packets stuffed in my diaper bag, which now looks like a huge bolster. I may be carrying around some excess baggage, but I’m saving the environment, right?

Anyway, the big plus of something like this is the girls are able to participate, making the body of the bag with their looms, and I just stitch things up when their work is the right length. Fun times. I can see another “adopted” daughter join Josefina really soon.

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  1. Ohhhhhhh – you know me and purses and bags of any sort!!! I still like the potholders! I have some of them hanging on my wall in the kitchen. They can make some inventory up and sell it at the family weekend reunion!

  2. Those are cute, you might have to send a couple of those our way (you can wait till the grandparents come visit). They seem pretty small – and I can picture you carrying a bunch of those full of groceries! I use the reusable grocery bags and they actually fit a lot of things in each bag. It’s helped b/c I was overwhelmed with plastic bags that I had to throw most away. Anyway – you’ve come up with a great new product for the girls to sell!

    Have you seen previews for the American Girl movie coming out?

  3. They are SO pretty! I haven’t used eco bags yet, though I have considered them. I would either need the pouch attached or I’d probably lose it. I like the pouch for saving space, but that is just one more thing to unbutton, and I might not use it. (Not that I would know for sure yet!). 😉 Yours are so much prettier than any I’ve seen, and I would imagine you would get LOTS of comments and hopefully some sales. Is the knittiing strong enough to hold heavy things like cans? If you could make them bigger, that would be even better too. Maybe get a bigger hoop? A great market for the tiny version would be to children who will love having their very own bag to fill with produce! It is fun to hear of the girls fundraising for their treasures!:) The boys have been letting me sell their nice unneeded toys to get new ones. That is working…for now.

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