Themed Summers


I was quite inspired by a comment made on this post of Meredith’s. Kelly mentioned that it “might be fun for parents to have a different theme each summer, and then plan books and activities around your theme”. I love this! I’m thinking I’ll take it a step further and have the theme be the very same as that of the VBS the kids attend. This summer our VBS has an island theme- I can see us getting out books about oceans, reefs, etc. from the library, playing in sand, all sorts of fun to be had. When pretending we are seaside gets old, maybe we can plan a day trip to Lake Erie. My friend mentioned taking her kids to a nice beach in the Huron area. We’re hoping not to see much of Luke this summer (it would be a good thing = he is busy building the house!), but maybe one or two excursions can be squeezed out of July.
Themed summers. Great idea!