Trim Pickin’s

Okay, faithful readers. The time has come to pick out the trim for the dress I am making. Here’s a picture:


The white I would just sew on, but the greens each would need their own tutorial for me to learn how to add. I might try the knife pleat Cheytown did on the original shirt dress with the polka dot ribbon, and I would probably double over the green fabric and make a ruffled trim with it.
So, which one do you think would look the best? Please help a struggling seamstress out.

4 Replies to “Trim Pickin’s”

  1. I’m partial to polka dots, but for this fabric, I’d pick the white or green solid. What a fun and pretty green! I’m trying to picture it. The white will be a sweet ladylike romantic style, but that green will make it pop! I first thought white, but I can just see the green making it looking so eye catchingly stylish. So I pick the solid green. I wrote it all out so you can giggle at my thinking out loud. 🙂

  2. Love ’em all! Great colors. She’ll look so cute.:)

    I’d probably end up with the white just out of sheer laziness, but I agree with Angela. That green really has the “wow factor”. I like the dots and the plain. I know, not much help.

  3. I’m not sure what you’re asking – it sounded like you were going to use all 3 in different parts. I personally think the polka-dot would look really cute around the bottom of the dress as a ruffle.
    I’m excited to see the finished dress!
    Want to make one in a 3T next??

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