Happy Birthday! Now With Cake!


He requested a “bassetball cake”- way to use up some orange icing


My firstborn son is five today. I snapped this picture because it shows two of the things he is wild about these days, pirates and Ohio State.

Every child’s birthday evokes some memories of when they were born and how it happened, but I would have to say that S’s birth story is the most memorable. I thought about sharing it here, but I already have told most of his story in at least two previous posts. Suffice to say, we are so glad to have this not-so-little guy with us, healthy and whole, and are excited to see the person he’s becoming.
Saturday we have the big celebration planned- Luke will take him down to the Ohio State Football spring game, then return to our house for dinner and cake with family and friends. I still can’t decide which cake I should make: a round, buckeye-shaped one, or a football field. The football field has already been done this birthday season, but it is super easy.

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday! Now With Cake!”

  1. Wow! He really looks like my little brother in that picture (your little brother too), when he was that age!!

    Happy Birthday!! Can’t believe he’s 5!

  2. Happy Birthday S! Wooooooo hoooooooooo! Look at you! 5 years old! 🙂

    We rejoice with you! for the blessing he is 🙂

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