Look Who’s Sewing!

dress1.JPGWell, not yet. But I’ve got a good start on the shirt dress I mentioned wanting to try. No, Luke was not willing to part with his nifty plaid, but I found a cute one at a rummage sale last weekend that will do nicely. The shirt had a pocket on it with a button closure that is rather cute. There are two more (button closures, not pockets) on the sleeves, so I could reuse them somehow on the dress.dress2.JPG Any thoughts? And, I could put the whole pocket on the front of the dress, but that might be too busy after it has trim and all. Still to buy: elastic for straps and some kind of trim fabric, lace, or ribbon. A white eyelet would be darling, as would a lime green calico. Any thoughts? How about you just finish this thing for me? 🙂

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  1. I thought the shirt dress was so cute, I bet yours will be too! I don’t sew but if I had a little girl I would want to make one of these (my girl is not so little anymore).

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