Just Do It!

I don’t think I am a ‘list’ sort of gal. As hard as I try, I can’t seem to stick to any routines that involve charting out our daily activities or my household chores.I’m realizing that at this time in my life, stuff doesn’t get done because it is on the list, it gets done because it is essential. If it doesn’t get done and it is essential, that means I’m wasting too much time, and have to cut back on the non-essentials. As it turns out, maybe there are more people out there like me-
I followed Meredith’s link last week to a blog called Morning Ramble, where Patty was talking about Running a House Simply. There were a lot of good things I took from her article; here are a few quotes:
“Women have kept home and hearth for hundreds of years without having a written plan in front of them every day. It’s hard to even imagine Ma on Little House consulting a meal planner !”

“We are becoming something akin to corporate housewives. Goals, objectives, computer programs to show us when to do this or that, as if we have no instinct as to what needs to be done.”

Then, I followed a link of Patty’s to another article she wrote on this subject, and this line stood out to me:
“I sure didn’t need a chart of what to do, it was simple, when it needs to be done, do it.”

So, all this to say that I think I need to shift my focus a bit- maybe not look so much at housecleaning like “is it the day to clean the bathroom?” but “does the bathroom need cleaned?”, and do it! I am already seeing some good results from asking myself simple questions like that.

Time to go change the laundry…

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  1. Yes! I go through times when I get “geared up” and make lists, but I actually prefer to do what’s most important first. I just looked over a list I’d made for spring cleaning and laughed because I actually got more done than I realized, but not in the ways I planned. For example, our office is a mess, and we need to get it ready for company. However, deep cleaning our bathroom was more important and has gotten done first. 🙂 And now the play/school room purge comes next…or we’ll see. 🙂

  2. And spring cleaning is going slow for me because before the deep cleaning comes the deep purging in some areas. Ah!

  3. I love to use my lists to organize my thoughts and things I need to do but I rarely go down a list checking things off. I often wonder if I had been raised with any sense of routine or even basic knowledge of homemaking skills if I would even need lists,like if I was sure that I was doing what I should be doing when I should be doing it I would not need a list to tell me so.KWIM?

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