Maybe This Is Why

I’ve had a post about worship swimming around in my head for weeks now, but it hasn’t yet become something worthy of being published. While brainstorming my words, I’ll either be heading in the wrong direction with my attitude, or come across too judgmental of the other sides, so I table it and post about finger foods and cute babies. Both are safe subjects. 🙂 Perhaps my worship post never came to be because Jeana was supposed to write it. A terrific job she did, too, to the extent that I don’t feel the need to write one of my own anymore. Here’s a quote from her post:

“If I can’t worship God because the songs aren’t my favorites, how will I manage to worship Him when the car breaks down…when my husband loses his job…when a loved one dies unexpectedly…when I find a lump where there shouldn’t be one?”

Don’t miss this post, folks.

2 Replies to “Maybe This Is Why”

  1. Ooooooooooo that was good. I am a stinker about worship. I deal with whatever we’ve got, but when I go to a church with great *sounding* worship that practically forces me into “worship mood”, I have to remind myself that is not the most important thing about a church. 😉

    Little one today asked me to sing the song about Jesus, and I sang every one I could think of. I remembered that I wanted to make worship books for home.

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