They’re Playing Our Song

Yay- The River is on a roll this hour, playing some real showstopping songs. I’m glad I tuned in when I did, because the song that was on was one I was trying to remember. Back when I wrote about our fourthborn as a newborn, and the experiences I had then, I talked about how certain songs were a blessing to me in that time. Another one was What If by Jadon Lavik. Whenever it would come on the radio, I would gather up his little body, and dance to the guitar.
Some other winners in The River’s playlist this hour, that hold special meaning to me:

Casting Crowns- East to West
We got to see Casting Crowns a few years back, and ever since I have been really impressed with their realness (not a word) and transparency of their songs. ‘East to West’ does not disappoint with its heartfelt incredulity at God’s boundless love.

Third Day- Cry out to Jesus
I saw them perform this live on a benefit show for Katrina victims, and it made me a fan for life. I can’t help but think of deaths in our family over the last few years, and the way God has strengthened us through them, whenever I hear this song.

Lincoln Brewster- Love the Lord
This just started playing a lot on the radio. It is a fun, upbeat, terrific way to learn Matthew 22:37. Maybe Luke will get to play it on guitar at church sometime.

Thanks for coming along musical memory lane with me!

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  1. I love the Lincoln Brewster song too. I have always liked that verse and I really enjoy singing along to this version of the song! It would be a great song to sing at church!!

  2. Good songs…

    Lincoln Brewster [himself] taught me the guitar chords for ‘Love the Lord’ at a music festival in 2003. He was just teaching a hack guitar player how to play his new worship song, but it was one of the ‘defining’ moments for me. Being a young worship leader.

    Afterthought – Isn’t it crazy how long it takes for a song to hit the mainstream.

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