A Special Week Begins

In the service today: four praise songs with the word “hosanna” in them, right in a row. Must be Palm Sunday. 🙂 It hits me all over again how fickle those palm-wavers were, to have already dispensed with their King by Friday. And so fickle am I, too, that I am convinced I would have been in both crowds as well.tue.JPGI want my children to be familiar with this week. I want them to know it inside and out, backwards and forwards. Oh, sure, like Luke said this evening, there is nothing ‘holy’ about the week before Jesus’ death. But I think it is important to have tucked away, hidden in their hearts. Things like Zechariah’s prophecy of Him riding on a donkey (God does what He says He will do!). Moments like Jesus’ final teachings, where He had to be saying, in so many words, goodbye (“It is for your good that I am going away”). wed.JPG Incomprehensible hours spent praying in the garden, while His disciples slept (yeah, I would have been in that crowd, too). Incredible awe and gladness and relief at His glorious rising from what should have been a tightly-secured tomb. I guess I see Easter Week as the perfect place to start. Christmas is nice, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate it. But Easter gives us our identity. Easter gives us a hope, and a future.


Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy. John 16:22

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  1. How neat! We are also making changes to how we celebrate Easter, and trying to make it a longer lasting event, like we do with Christmas. Tiny (3) is very upset about Jesus dying, which he knew about already, but he grasps it more clearly now.

    We will also rejoice: He lives! 🙂

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