A Lapidary

dsc02923.JPG“God has given us the task of being a lapidary (a cutter and polisher of gems). It is the lapidary’s art to reveal the gem. Sometimes we may feel it is a hopeless job. But we must never give up hope. There is a jewel in every child of God. There is a precious jewel in every one of our children that waits to be revealed. We must see it by faith. We must pray it into being. May God give us vision, patience and understanding as we fulfill this great task. It does not happen over night. It is painstaking and time-consuming.
There will come a day when God will make all His jewels into a crown. I am thinking of the hymn we used to sing as children…

When He cometh, when He cometh
To make up His jewels,
All His jewels, precious jewels,
His loved and His own.


Like the stars of the morning,
His brightness adorning,
They shall shine in their beauty,
Bright gems for His crown.

~Nancy Campbell

Read the entire devotional here.

Twila Paris has an excellent rendition of the above hymn on this album. I have it if anyone local wants to borrow it. 🙂

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  1. That picture of C just makes me smile. 🙂 He is SUCH a cutie! I love the article & that song. So true! Thanks for the encouragement as we chisel together.

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