Tea and Cookies

I’ve been wanting some tea lately, but I am all out. You tea drinkers out there: where do I go to find good tea? I like flavored teas the best, but any tea would do. What are your favorites?

Maggie mentioned Thin Mints on her blog, and that sent me looking for the nearest cookie booth. All I ever buy are the small, round, chocolatey, minty goodies, but I could branch out one of these years. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? I may just give it a try. With my tea.

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  1. We’ve got tea over here – blueberry’s pretty good. I buy the variety pack since the hankering for tea rarely grips me. You are more than welcome to some – lemon, herb, orange, apple, decaf earl grey, & mint. Say the word & they’ll be at your door. 🙂

    As for the cookies, those round ones with toasted coconut & caramel are the BOMB!! Don’t know what they’re called. Just looked them up – Samoas. Got to try those if you haven’t yet. Good stuff.

  2. My favorite teas are red raspberry leaf and blueberry leaf. You can buy both of them in bulk or bags. Blueberry leaf is good for helping to regulate bloodsugar levels. Red raspberry leaf is good for women for just about every reason. I just discovered a combo that is good enough for Starbucks. Combine Original Rice Dream (rice milk) with red raspberry leaf tea, no sweatener needed. If I couldn’t make it at home, I might be dumb enough to pay Starbucks prices for it.
    I love a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie with tea.

  3. My fave are Somoas.

    I like minty teas- I bought an Apricot Brandy tea- it is very good.

    You can go to the Crown Tower downtown Marion. They should have a good selection, unless you just want to get some Celestial Seasonings…

  4. If you’re interested, I can get free boxes of tea at Starbucks. I don’t like tea, but I do like the Tazo Refresh (it doesn’t taste like tea!). It’s minty and is especially good when you have a sore throat.

  5. I’m not big on hot drinks but I do like “Sleepy Time Tea” – it does relax you and help you fall asleep. I also like just regular hot tea sweetened with honey.
    Honey is good!
    As far as the Girl Scout Cookies go – I don’t really like them. The Thin Mints are the ones that I buy – but I think they’re all hard and not really at the top of my list!
    Have fun deciding!

  6. The first tea I remember drinking is still my favorite–Earl Grey! It was in London, and their way is so yummanummy! First put a big splash of milk or cream in the tea cup, and then pour the tea in. Enjoy your “biscuits”. 😉

    Other faves:
    Chai! all varieties I’ve tried have been wild & wonderful!
    Mandarin Orange Green Tea (not exciting but my favorite version of green tea)
    Bedtime mellow-minty-chamomileness: Sweet Dreams (Bigelow)
    I’ve had some delicious seasonal fruity blends that you’ll need a tea strainer for. Look for them in tins. There are literally chunks of dried fruit in the tea! Loose tea is the way to go if you have a tea ball or other type of strainer, and don’t mind the little extra effort.

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