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dsc02801.JPG “Educationalists…will often agree that there is great value in reading, but will point to the large numbers of books used in education as resource material; children have perfectly adequate access to books, it is often maintained. But that is not the same thing. It was Charlotte Mason’s conviction that the child should work steadily through a complete book. Little snippets of information here and there just don’t hang together. Our generation is prone to amuse itself with fragmentary information and resources. We flip on the TV for brief programs, and then we think we know about the subjects they dealt with. A few paragraphs in a magazine, and we think we’ve formed an opinion. What is happening so often is that we are merely forming a habit of amusing our interest, and then forgetting the fragments. This is not education.” ~For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

That’s quite a bit to chew on, folks. As we decide what we’re doing as far as homeschooling next year, this book is really getting my wheels turning. Good stuff.

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  1. Good stuff! I see that applies to me too –I used to believe I knew so much, but really have an overload of fragmented info on some topics. 😉

    We try to apply Charlotte Mason’s ideals that I know so far, and that reminds me to get to know more.

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