Potty Break!

ye_old_one_holer.jpgIt’s time. Mr. Fourthborn is pushing the limits of my patience and diaper budget. I need some time to devote to him, so I’m using this as an excuse to take a bloggy leave of absence.

Coming in March- the great Spring Cleaning of 2008! dsc02580.JPGI’m desperate to do things that demonstrate spring is coming, whether or not the view outside my window does. When do you all start your ‘airing out’?

One Reply to “Potty Break!”

  1. I’ll miss you & can’t wait for the spring cleaning! We usually do “Fall Cleaning” here. I believe it has something to do with the climate and preparing to be indoors more. In spring, I just want to be out playing more. Naughty I know! 😉 This year so far, I feel like slowly doing a big year cleaning; so I’ll probably join you! 🙂

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